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15 May 2008

OUCH!! Article written by Sheila Gibbons puts words to my feelings. Enjoy!

How Advertisers Psychologically Mug Women

(excerpt) "While marketers may be aware that women are major spenders on the so-called small stuff -- groceries, apparel, kids -- they are not fully aware that women are the majority of buyers of new cars, consumer electronics and home improvement," says Marti Barletta, CEO of the marketing consultancy TrendSight Group, who was a keynote speaker at last week's annual M2W marketing conference in Chicago, which debated how marketers could improve their appeals to women. Women's Purchasing Power is Green, Not Pink.
Marketers, Barletta says, "are worried that marketing to women means making it pink and that would horrify men. ... They don't know what marketing to women is."

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