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How ONE Marketing Strategy Turned an Independent Movie into a Sold-Out Blockbuster!

How ONE Marketing Strategy Turned an Independent Movie into a Sold-Out Blockbuster!

The_Secret_logoOver half a million DVDs were sold during the first six months of release! It rode Amazon’s Top 5 best seller list during the 2006 Christmas season and when appearing on Oprah in late February 2007. The hardcover book (a transcript with extras) has remained in Amazon's Top 20 for months.

We all know the movie itself is very powerful and is the main reason for it's continued success. YET tens of thousands of amazing products have been abandoned to rot forever in storage and closets because someone forgot the importance of marketing--even when their product was the best product ever made.

Don't make this mistake with your products.
Learn why THE SECRET made a huge amount of sales in the first few months. Hint: It wasn't because of any TV, magazine, press release or newspaper story. These sales are all the result of one simple marketing strategy that started with a bang and continues to this day.  What did this marketing campaign look like? Is it something that anyone can do, and do easily? YES!

You Will Get
The Marketing Secret Behind ‘The Secret'

Teachers of The Secret on The Power of an Internet Movie—or How Web Video has Inspired the Teachers (Ray, DeMartini, and Beckwith)

The Famous “Meet & Grow Rich” Mastermind Weighs in on The Secret’s Marketing Campaign

RESOURCE LINKS (to movie, shareable videos from Rhonda Byrne, mainstream news articles, the teachers websites)

BONUS 1 -- "Why Esther Hicks isn't in The Secret" by Joe Vitale.
BONUS 2 -- "Is 'The Secret a Cult?" by Bruce Burns
BONUS 3 -- A Secret Conversation with Dr. Joe Vitale 

You Will Also Get Answers to These Commonly Asked Questions
* Is the movie harmful?
* Were the teachers paid?
* Why was one teacher edited out from the original version?
* Would the movie have survived if the teachers in it weren't marketers?

What Makes Me an Expert on this Topic?
1. I've worked on Hollywood blockbusters, TV movies and independent films since 1989.

2. Video is my passion. Especially non-traditional delivery means like web video.

3. I got the inside scoop!  I live with Joe Vitale, one of the teachers in 'The Secret!' 

4. Joe is also an internet marketing guru and co-author of this booklet!! 

5. I was entranced by the powerful marketing technique that launched an independent DVD movie to worldwide blockbuster!

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