Nerissa Oden

A Creative Video Editor whose talents also include graphic and sound design, teaching and writing. I have over 13 years of editing experience on television series, feature films and corporate projects. I have worked on various NLE systems including but not limited to Avid, Pro-Tools, Media 100, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio, and the original EMC2. In 1999 I began to actively look for a way out of the professional video and film business.
In 2001, I taught myself basic web building and created I developed a taste for the new consumer level editing software in early 1999 and have taught and consulted around Austin and Wimberley. I have produced and created various graphic, video, and audio projects over the past three years for internet marketers and small businesses. I own a professional video camera, wireless mic, and usually shoot projects I edit. My goals are to complete my second book, earn recognition for teaching web video, expand my video workshops, and all the while promote the benefits and techniques of video to all.

2001 – CURRENT:
Web Entrepreneur, Freelance Video Editor, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, and Author.

"Dream House" (Home & Garden - HGTV series.) Granite House, March 2001.
EDITOR (on Final Cut Pro)
I worked as a temp or relief Editor on two episodes and cut the offline for this episode solo. Producer, Lucy Frost. Head Editor, Sandra Adair.

"Promises with Kenneth Phillips" - "World of Pentecost" - "X-it" (weekly local television series) Dream Creations, June 1999 - July 2000.
EDITOR (on Avid Media Composer)
I edited two 30-minute and one 60-minute TV show for Fox TV and ACTV. I created two colorful and fast-paced series opens for PROMISES with Kenneth Phillips and X-it. I created graphics, mixed audio levels, and output the shows to master tape, ready for broadcast. I arranged and oversaw equipment repairs for the multi-camera studio room including the beta decks, switchers, Avid, and dub racks, etc..

“Cybercopter” (documentary for Discovery Channel) Talent Film Group, 1999.
Roughed and fine edited scenes on request. Once picture was locked, it was my job to create and edit audio for the entire show, locate appropriate music, and conceptualize titles. Other Assistant duties included: Avid maintenance, technical support and troubleshooting, organize Avid bins and paperwork, organize master tapes and materials, digitize footage, temporary narrator for entire show, mixed audio on Avid, prepared online EDL for picture, transfer media and audio information for the final mix session.

“Texas Center for Service Learning” (promotional series) Granite House, 1998.
EDITOR (on Media 100)
I Co-Edited video and audio for the five tape series. I supervised the Media 100 online and final audio mix. “Science in Action” won the Award of Distinction in the Crystal Award’s Communicator Awards Competition in 1999.

“Wal-Mart 15 Minute Lube Express” (training video) Cool Films, 1996.
EDITOR (on Media Composer 8000)
Edited offline video, created look for intertitle graphics, and created titles.

“Chasing the Dream” (documentary) Trinity Films, 1996.
SOUND DESIGNER (on Media Composer 1000)
Digitized and edited sfx, music and voice over. Cleaned online audio of pops, clips and missyncs. Mixed tracks for layback to D1 Master.

“Texas Real Music” (concert series released on tape) Austin Digital Media, 1996.
EDITOR(on Media Composer 1000)
Edited online video and audio for direct output to tape from Avid. Created credits and titles. Created and edited the series opening montage and title.

POV Editorial Services (Staff Editor) 1994 to 1996.
1- EDITOR (on EMC2 - the original Windows nonlinear editing system)
Edited offline and online quality projects for clients including creating graphics, titles, and audio. Supervised online sessions, animation and graphic production for clients. Became a ‘master techie’ when it comes to cables, adapters and connectors. My assigned client accounts (LACKS and Texas Commerce Bank) praised me for attentive listening, steady reliability, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and creativity.
Main video projects:
LACKS FURITURE (TV commercials & in-house promotionals)
COMPAQ “Desk Pro & Pro Linea Desktop Service Video” (in-house instructional)
DIAMOND SHAMROCK “Three Rivers Refinery Tour” (Educational/Promotional)
TX. COMMERCE BANK “Gala 1994” and “Gala 1996” (annual multi-media Live events)
TX. COMMERCE BANK “Teller Mania 1995” (motivational)
“DAVY CROCKETT” (A/V background for play at 1995 Texas State Fair)

2- SOUND DESIGNER and SOUND EDITOR (on Spectral Synthesis Studio Tracks)
Supervised and recorded voice over sessions. Edited sfx, music and voice over. Fixed audio problems such as pops, clips and missyncs. Sweetened and mixed tracks for broadcast.
Main Audio Projects:
MEINEKE (TV commercials)
WEINERS (TV commercials, Christmas 1995)

“Go Back to Mexico” (documentary for PBS FrontLine) Galan Productions, 1994. ASSISTANT (3/4” offline analog tape editor)
Roughed and fine edited scenes. Functioned as Sound Designer and Sound Editor. Prepared online lists and mix logs. Supervised mix session. And performed traditional Assistant duties.

“Cultivating Charlie” (independent feature) GMS Productions, 1993-1994. ADDITIONAL EDITOR (35mm film and EMC2)
Roughed and fine edited scenes. Conformed work print (picture and audio) to cut list. Performed the traditional First Assistant’s duties.

“The Hunt for Pancho Villa“ (documentary for PBS American Experience) Galan Productions, 1992-1993.
ASSISTANT EDITOR (3/4” offline analog editor)
Functioned as Sound Designer and Sound Editor. Prepared online list and mix log. And performed traditional Assistant duties.

“Charlie’s Ear” (independent feature) Walnut Street Productions, 1991.
ADDITIONAL EDITOR (35mm film and EMC2)
Roughed and fine edited scenes. Conformed work print (picture and audio) to cut list. Created and prepared dialogue and sfx tracks for mix on work print. Performed the traditional First Assistant’s duties.

THE NEWTON BOYS - 20th Century Fox - April 97 - Feb. 98
WORDS OF OUR ANCESTORS - Frontier Films (PBS) - Jan. 1997
LETTER FROM WACO - One Big Eye (PBS) - 1996
SUBURBIA - Detour Film Productions - May-Aug. 1996
MICHAEL - Turner Cinema - April 96
THE EVENING STAR - Rysher Entertainment - Dec.95-March 96
ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS - Morgan Creek Productions - March-June 95
SISTER ISLAND - Elysian Pictures - June 94
THE TRUST - Quadrangle Films - July-Aug. 92
PURE COUNTRY - Warner Brothers - May-June 92
SIDEKICKS - Columbia Pictures - Nov.-Dec. 91
NED BLESSING - CBS (M.O.W.) - October 91
LAURA’S DEATH - GMS Productions - Aug.-Sept. 91
SONG OF LEAVES - A Michael Cohn film - July 90-March 91

Assistant Editor Duties:
Operated and maintained Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Avid, Pro Tools, and EMC2 nonlinear editing systems.
Operated and maintained Cinemaestro Telecine.
Operated and maintained many, many analog video and audio equipment.
Operated and maintained all 35mm film equipment.
Operated and maintained Century SA and simplex 623c dual projector systems.
Hired, trained, and supervised apprentices.
Made dailies breakdown lists, assigned film organization system, and supervised screenings.
Marked, synced, logged, and coded film dailies (including: Vista Vision, reduction, and archive prints).
Identified negative damage, dirt and dysfunctional cameras.
Made digital cut masters, as well as, dubs for various departments.
Organized and made cull-down tapes.
Ordered work prints, archives, video dailies and opticals.
Conformed film work print to cut lists.
Logged production video and transcripts.
Made EDL’s, pull lists, and cut lists.
Made negative cutting lists, online lists and mix logs.

Camera Intern 1989
"Scary Movie" (directed by Daniel Erickson; Director of Photography Ivan Bigley)

Art Department Intern/Office Production Assistant 1989
"Dream Date" (Tempestt Bledsoe and Kadeem Hardison)

Art Department Coordinator 1990
"The Hot Spot" (directed by Dennis Hopper, starring Don Johnson)

Art Department Coordinator 1990
"A Pair of Aces" (Willy Nelson and Kris Kristofferson)

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