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As a creative video editor, I'm compelled to shout and cheer out loud when I see a truly ground breaking creative video editor in action -- witness The Blue Realm.

The Blue Realm, a cable TV underwater nature series, ran on the National Geographic HD Channel. Here's a clip under 2 minutes long from "Ocean Venom" episode.

Did you notice how that tiny 2 minute segment used OVER 55 special effects and 19 jump cuts?!! (Yes, I counted them.)

The first time I watched The Blue Realm I was so sucked into the story of the Giant Manta Rays that I didn't notice the video editing until about several minutes into it. (Which the first sign of a good editor!) The video editor was using flash dissolves, inverted colors, stretching, shrinking, variable speeds, reverse speed, wipes, multiple windows, digital zoom, digital pans, and more!

The segment above actually contains all the effects I just mentioned. Watch it again and try to identify these effects yourself.

After watching it a second time, I'm wondering if you noticed the most subtle effect of all? You can't SEE this effect. Of course, I'm talking about the sound effects. Watch it again and this time listen for the swooshes and swishes that happen in unison with many of the video effects. You will also become immediately aware of the music, and the "dance" that occurs between video effects and musical beats.

Here is what I discovered about the series Video Editor--

Tony Moskal, Video Editor/Sound Designer
"Tony Moskal has been working in broadcast television and film for nearly twenty years. He has produced video and soundtracks on numerous productions for the Discovery Channel, CBC, CTV, W Channel, the Travel Channel, National Geographic, Sony Pictures Classics, and many others. Tony began his career as a musician in his teens, and as a sound engineer he received a nomination for Best Engineer by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He later expanded his abilities to include video editing. Since the age of 12, Tony has been an avid scuba diver and has been fortunate enough to dive in some of the world's most exotic locations."

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