Nerissa Oden was planning to become an electrical engineer and was inches away from a full scholarship to do so. But at 17 she became a Top 40 DJ at a KTAW-FM in Bryan Texas and "A whole new world just opened up for me. From then on I was focused entirely on learning about the man behind the curtain", she said.

Nerissa entered The University of Texas at Austin in 1986 as an independent undergraduate and completed her Radio-Television-Film degree in December 1990. But even before completing her four years at UT, Nerissa Oden had completed four internships and worked on three Hollywood movies:

In her final year at college, she discovered and fell in love with electronic video editing. Nerissa says, "I fell hard and I couldn't get enough! I petitioned the college to allow me to take four more production classes than was required for my degree. I was fortunate that they agreed. They even let me take a graduate-level class taught by former Hollywood film veteran, Nick Cominos!"

After graduation she worked entirely in post-production for independent films and original TV movies like and "Ned Blessing" and "Charlie's Ear." She spent part of her time working on motion pictures shot in Texas including "Ace Ventura II" starring Jim Carrey, "The Evening Star" starring Shirley MacLaine. And part of her time she spent working on TV series including PBS's Frontline, The American Experience, and HGTV's Dream House.

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In 1998 she purchased commercial property and split her time between film projects and renovating her new building. I had my nose stuck in film and video all day and night for so many years, I was ready for a break and to learn something new, says Nerissa. In 1999, she met and fell in love with Joe Vitale, an author and internet marketing consultant from Houston. In 2001 they moved to Wimberley, Texas together.

With her background cemented in the professional world of digital film and video production, Nerissa turned her attention to web video and internet marketing in 2001. Since then she has taught digital video classes to the public, presents to local web and video groups, directs and edits videos for web and DVD, authors books about video, and now offers distance learning, consulting, and editing services geared toward people who want to tap into the ease and affordability of creating web video.

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