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24 Sep 2010    How to Edit Flip Video OUTSIDE of The Flip Video Camera
23 Sep 2010    How To Read TheFlip’s New FlipShare User Agreement
18 Sep 2010    How Web Video Powers Global Innovation
18 Aug 2010    A Modern Day Video Code Maker
30 Mar 2010    The iPad will restrict Internet video access
27 Sep 2009    Photo Movie example worth watching!
15 Jul 2009    You Can't Spin 10,000 Tweets and Camera Phone Uploads
"China's leaders realized that it's one thing to try to spin the on-the-ground views of bused-in reporters ("To help foreign media to do more objective, fair and friendly reports," in the words of the government's PR agency), but quite another to try to spin the accounts and uploaded images of tens of thousands of Twittering and cell-phone camera-wielding citizens."

15 Jul 2009    Michael Moore Calls New Film Capitalism: A Love Story
"Michael Moore's new documentary comes billed as a tale of forbidden passion, charting a wild romance that flourished for decades before coming to a crashing, calamitous end in the autumn of 2007. It's title? Capitalism: A Love Story."
Premiere is October 2, 2009
29 Apr 2009    Does this man know his Americans, or what?!
(Excerpt from Huffington Post)
I'd put nothing past the cultural wisdom of Justice Scalia whose prevailing brief included these stunning insights: "We doubt that small town broadcasters run a heightened risk of liability for indecent utterances... their down-home local guests probably employ vulgarity less than big city folks, and small town stations generally cannot afford or cannot attract foul-mouthed glitterati from Hollywood."

Look how he nails us all -- kids; small-town folk; big city creeps; trashy Hollywood types -- does this man know his Americans, or what?!

Read entire article here:
13 Apr 2009    Community Media Opportunities
15 Mar 2009    "Is it My Space or Yours?" Obama staff asks
(March 15, 2009)

I was searching for a MySpace post by Pres. Obama and found this story regarding content ownership of your MySpace page. In my opinion, Anthony unknowingly gave his page away when he started working directly for the Obama campaign team, even if he never charged them.

A great lesson in deed for us all. (Click link to read news excerpt)

15 Jan 2009    Hawaii takes closely watched digital TV plunge
(Januaru 15, 2009)

HONOLULU - At noon sharp Thursday in Hawaii, a message appeared on analog TV sets across the islands: "All full-power Hawaii TV stations are now digital."

The state shut down old-fashioned broadcast signals, more than a month before the rest of the country is set to make the now-contentious switch.

Even before the change, residents lit up special TV help center phone lines set up by the Federal Communication Commission. More than 300 calls came in Wednesday, and 10 lines were lighting up Thursday.

6 Jan 2009    Apple iTunes trying to lower prices, Remove copy protection
(Januray 6, 2009)

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. is cutting the price of some songs in its market-leading iTunes online music store to 69 cents and plans to begin selling all tracks without copy protection.

At the Macworld trade show Tuesday, Apple's top marketing executive, Philip Schiller, said iTunes songs would come in three pricing tiers: 69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29, depending on the recording company they come from.

He also said Apple worked with all the major record labels to get songs free of "digital rights management" technology that limits people's ability to copy songs or move them to different devices.

30 Dec 2008    Long, winding road hits a dead end at last for VHS
(December 30, 2009)

"After three decades of steady if unspectacular service, the spinning wheels of the home entertainment stalwart are slowing to a halt at retail outlets. On a crisp Friday morning in October, the final truckload of VHS tapes rolled out of a Palm Harbor, Fla., warehouse run by Ryan Kugler, the last major supplier of the tapes.",0,492307.story

24 Dec 2008    Tell Obama: Put the Public Interest First

President-elect Barack Obama will soon pick a new FCC chief and White House Chief Technology Officer -- among many other key jobs. Take a stand with members of Pearl Jam, R.E.M., and organizations like SEIU, NOW, DailyKos, the Hip Hop Caucus and hundreds more. Sign our letter urging Obama to appoint leaders who will reform media and protect Internet freedom (view pdf).

Add your name to the right and join the long list of organizations and individuals who have signed this letter.

7 Dec 2008    Obama Copyright Move Cheers Advocacy Groups
Obama Copyright Move Cheers Advocacy Groups

"Obama's transition team pre-emptively agreed to the first one (first recommendation by media groups coalition) by announcing Monday that its Web site,, will implement a new copyright policy -- the Creative Commons License -- that allows for more widespread use of its content."

1 Dec 2008    Scientists Create Cat with Nose Glow

22 Nov 2008    Inspiring way to use

18 Nov 2008    34 YEAR STUDY: Unhappy people watch more TV
"LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – An extensive new research study has found that unhappy people watch more TV while those consider themselves happy spend more time reading and socializing.

The University of Maryland analyzed 34 years of data collected from more than 45,000 participants and found that watching TV might make you feel good in the short term but is more likely to lead to overall unhappiness."

6 Sep 2008    First Feature Released as FREE Download
(September 6, 2008) It's probably not THE first feature to be released as free download BUT it's the first MAJOR film released as a free download. A friend predicted that within 5 years songs will be free and money will be earned in other ways-- appearance fees and live events mainly he predicted. I had a hard time agreeing seeing his forecast come to fruition but with this new news...maybe he got something.

Michael Moore's newest film available as free download for three weeks beginning Sept 23rd.

27 Aug 2008    It's a Man's Culture Baby
(August 27, 2008)
A research study about movie reviewers by the Alliance for Women Film Journalists concluded this way:
"In short, men dominate the reviewing process of films primarily made by men featuring mostly males intended for a largely male audience. The under-employment of women film reviewers, actors, and filmmakers perpetuates the nearly seamless dialogue among men in U.S. cinema."

You can read the whole study online here

18 Jun 2008    AP Goes After Bloggers Under DMCA
(June 18, 2008)

I find the new legal actions by the Associated Press to be shooting themselves in their own foot. From what I've read on various blogs about this, the AP in legal speak are saying that every sentence of their news stories, even their story headlines, are copyrighted material (fair enough.)


15 May 2008    (link) How Advertisers Psychologically Mug Women
(May 15, 2008)

OUCH!! Article written by Sheila Gibbons puts words to my feelings. Enjoy!

How Advertisers Psychologically Mug Women

(excerpt) "While marketers may be aware that women are major spenders on the so-called small stuff -- groceries, apparel, kids -- they are not fully aware that women are the majority of buyers of new cars, consumer electronics and home improvement," says Marti Barletta, CEO of the marketing consultancy TrendSight Group, who was a keynote speaker at last week's annual M2W marketing conference in Chicago, which debated how marketers could improve their appeals to women. Women's Purchasing Power is Green, Not Pink.
Marketers, Barletta says, "are worried that marketing to women means making it pink and that would horrify men. ... They don't know what marketing to women is."

11 May 2008    Ho'Oponopono Simplified
(May 11, 2008)

This is an excellent video explanation of what ho'oponopono is and the origin of it. I met the videomaker, Saul Maraney, at Joe's Attract Wealth Seminar May 2-4, 2008. Enjoy!

18 Apr 2008    One Million Frames Per Second
(April 18, 2008)

"Japan's NHK has developed a high-speed camera that can record video at the staggering rate of one million frames per second. On the exhibit floor, the camera was trained on a hanging water balloon. When an NHK engineer punctured the balloon the camera captured every cascading droplet in ultra slow motion."

Video of slow motion shot with this camera onthis link

3 Apr 2008    LIVING LIKE ED
(April 3, 2008)
I made a video review of the new book, LIVING LIKE ED. And so far it is the most popular review and appears to also be the most helpful with 21 outof 22 people voting that it was helpful. Enjoy!
(March 27, 2008)
Techsmith is the company that makes SnagIt and Camtasia, both are screencapture programs. They've released a new way to offer these programs. It's an online tool called JING. It's a program that integrates screencaptures for screencasting and video hosting. You can try it out for FREE here.
18 Mar 2008    Animation Art is at Least 5,200 Years Old
Oldest Animation Discovered In Iran
[video is running on the page]
"Long considered a modern invention, animation has apparently been lying about its age. A 5,200-year-old bowl found in Iran's Burnt City in the 1970s features a series of five images that researchers have only recently identified as being sequential, much like those in a zoetrope. Giving the bowl a spin, one would see a goat leaping to snatch leaves from a tree, as seen in the video clip in the above link."

11 Feb 2008    WHAT IS LOVE?

Watch as I try to define what LOVE is....

2 Feb 2008    FENG SHUI JOE
The series is called "Feng Shui Your Way" and it's host is Leigh Kubin. Not only is this a great FREE educational / entertainment tool for the public at large, it's also a way for YOU to earn an income making videos. No longer are YOU stuck with pitching your video project ideas to a handful of broadcasters. Today, YOU can pitch to web entrepreneurs as well. And there are thousands of them!!

This episode was shot last year. Joe's office was altered to compensate for principles of Feng Shui. Our friend Victoria Schaefer and her husband Kevin created this mini series for, a web video channel.

14 Jan 2008    Happy 2008!
The image below opens a SMILEBOX CREATION I made for you. Smilebox is a freebie from Hallmark. They make interactive photo AND VIDEO digital greetings. Please click and read my special message with personal photos from 2007.
Click to play Happy+2008!+
Create your own postcard - Powered by Smilebox
Make a postcard - it's easy!

24 Dec 2007    I DIDNT SEE THIS ONE COMING: Lakota Sioux Seceed from U.S.
(December 24, 2007)
Sioux Indian reservations covering 5 states and joined together as the Lakota Nation and have suceeded from the U.S.. They say it's completely legal. I just hope they planned well for the after math and I hope they put their message as video on video sharing sites.

This quote is from their website--
"During the week of December 17-19, 2007, we traveled to Washington DC and withdrew from the constitutionally mandated treaties to become a free and independent country. We are alerting the Family of Nations we have now reassumed our freedom and independence with the backing of Natural, International, and United States law."

Read about the sucession from Lakota Freedom or Google "Lakota Freedom" to read press stories.

(November 20, 2007)
My handsome and loving partner burns it up on THE BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch last night! How did I capture this video at home? Tivo? DVR? Nope! My video camera with an external mic pushed up against my TV speaker. Voila!

(November 16, 2007)

This site has grabbed over ten years worth of nude images and clips that Fox News has aired! Kind of takes a bite out of the Fox anchors cries for "decency please!" Ha ha!

Fox News Por*


Ever wonder why with over 200 channels on TV there is still nothing "new" to watch? I ran across this article and found it very educational. I had no idea these rules were inacted. No wonder TV is screwed up.

TheStrangling of TV Creativity

I worked on Hollywood films, TV series and specials from 1989 to 2001. You can view my resume here. My partner, Joe, gets IN movies these days. He's appearing in The Opus Movie along with other very famous peers of his. I posted a clip for you to see.

Joe is also an expert interviewed for the movie about EFT, "Try It On Everything." I didn't post a video clip of him because I can't find it. Apparently the Try It On Everything people need to try it on their website YouTube key words.

(October 9, 2007)
I updated with a ton of RF resources for video and images. The neatest most valuable resources I've used recently are find the perfect RF photo, art, illustration etc for just one dollar!

I keep hearing great things about although I havent tried it yet. I do know that this service is replacing that software that did same thing that cost $800. is a free service that uploads your video to multiple video hosts all at same time.

Best wishes,

18 Sep 2007    We the Media
(September 18, 2007)
I agree that our country on it’s current course is turning into a fascist state (marriage of government and corporations.) I absolutely support the use of video cameras and video sharing websites to help reverse this fascist trend. The democratization of video “broadcasting” will play a KEY role in the public support of this student AND THE PRESENTATION OF EVIDENCE when he fights his college and it’s security forces in the courts. Again youtube video of entire question of student is here.

Drawing a gun on an unarmed man in a public theater is appalling and is exactly what this national news video clip clearly shows but not mention. Another reason to petition the college to discipline their security forces. And another reason why even a hard conservative, Tucker Carlson, couldn't even say anything bad against this young man who was asking Kerry (in the clip) about the stolen election of 2004. Video is POWERFUL.

(September 7, 2007)
Amazing! I always was curious WHY the elite want to bankrupt America--now I think it makes sense in order to get us to beg for the North American Union. The breaking of our military and national guard reserves would also make sense when looking at this new Union that is taking place behind closed doors.

Currently penned only by Bush via executive orders, the program is currently titled, "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America." Congress has not been involved to date. Hal Turner lays out a convincing aurgument on his website for the reason for the partnership currently slated to be in full operation by 2010--including news video clips--on his website. Keep in mind a new currency that will replace the dollar is already being minted.

Watch any one of these news clips to get informed yourself--

Lou Dobbs Posted December 1, 2006
Lou Dobbs posted March 16, 2007
Steve Previs on CNBC
Lou Dobbs interviews Robert Pastor Director Posted May 22, 2007

Government website for the program is at

25 Aug 2007    Sailing Texas
(August 25, 2007)
How many visitors has received since this video was released?

Think the dot com plug was intentional? Read on....

(August 1, 2007)
Have you ever experienced a moment in time when your eyes were doing their job but your mind was still struggling to make sense of it? I've experienced it on three occasions since moving to the hill country. You literally stop what you were doing and thinking, and for a moment, you are stuck spinning a loop of unthought that can best be described as saying to oneself, "What is that? what is that? What is that?"

[click headline to continue reading...]

21 Jul 2007    I BELIEVE. I COMMIT.
(July 21, 2007)
Watch 1 minute video

19 Jul 2007    Have You Ever Seen a Chiropractor on Video?
(July 20, 2007)
I use to suffer from migraines and headaches. The doctor you're about to meet didn't prescribe drugs, but rather he identified that I had kinks in my spine that has developed over time and were putting pressure on my nerves....

[click headline to continue reading]

24 Jun 2007    SiCKO is the Must-See Movie of the Year
(June 24, 2007)
Have you heard about SiCKO yet? I have read and watched everything I could get my hands on before last night so I felt I knew the contents of the film as it started and moved forward. WOW! There were soooo many gems that the media hasn't even talked about, yet! The TRUE GEMS and POIGNANT MESSAGES of the movie are still there for you to discover yourself. And I highly encourage you to do when it premieres nationwide June 29th.
'What can I do?' - SiCKO

[click headline for more.....]

22 Jun 2007    MrFire's Page
(June 22, 2007)
Amazon worked with Joe and Wiley Publishing to make his own web page on! I made the video that is posted on it. It has a Jack Bauer, 24 feel. I made it under a time crunch and decided that a "split screen" would be faster to make than traditional cutting back and forth from camera to camera. Once I tried it in the timeline I instantly realized I was more visually engaged than I would have been if the cameras were cut back to back. You can watch it on his new Amazon page here--


13 Jun 2007    Air America Radio Personalities Caught My Ear
(June 13, 2007)
What do You listen to throughout the day? I must have clocked thousands of hours at since it came on air. It was an absolute mental life saver when I got the streaming signal on it's first day on air. The only other time I've heard opinions like theirs was in my own head. Ever want to know what progressive voices sound like? Tune in to Air America.

I haven't enjoyed every air jockey they've promoted. Jerry Springer was embarrassing. Lionel is a close second to Jerry Springer. I liked Al Franken but LOOOOOVE Randi Rhodes, Sam Sedar and Rachel Maddow. All three of these hosts got me laughing so hard numerous times that I got self conscious driving in my car.

I just noticed they put up a little quick video so I thought it might be fun to post it here on my blog. Since blogs are supposed to be personal and stuff. This is the first time I've ever seen Randi and Rachel on video.

6 Jun 2007    When Communicating via Video, Please Talk Normally
(June 6, 2007)
I am a huge Michael Moore fan but watching his newest video was hard.

He spoke so slowly and with so many "ah" and "uhm" place holders that I was more distracted by his demeanor than interested in his message. I had to watch the 1 minute 14 second video again. Argh!

26 May 2007    When Health Insurance Clerks Deny Claims They Get Promoted -- SICKO!
(May 26, 2007)
When Health Insurance Clerks Deny Claims They Get Promoted -- SICKO!

I became a hardcore fan of Michael Moore's work since TV Nation was on our network airwaves. It was cancelled of course because mammoth corporations that own our TV networks demanded it. This country never had a democratic video voice until the internet -- thank God for the Internet. Good luck to you Michael on your latest hilarious critic of America's sad state of health care.

Watch trailer for "Sicko":

23 May 2007    Al Gore's New Book Discusses Power of Visual Communication
(May 23, 2007)
A short excerpt from Al Gore's new book is below. I only had faint interest in his book until I read several paragraphs like this. Now, the book is coming to me via Amazon and I can't wait for it to get here. Here's the short excerpt:

"As a college student, I wrote my senior thesis on the impact of television on the balance of power among the three branches of government. In the study, I pointed out the growing importance of visual rhetoric and body language over logic and reason. There are countless examples of this, but perhaps understandably, the first one that comes to mind is from the 2000 campaign...."

(click headline to read more)

21 May 2007    Check out my Off-the-Hook Friends! First Space Wedding
(May 21, 2007)

My friend Cindy Cashman will be the first to be wed in outer space. She and her fiance Mitch Walling made the front page of the Austin American Statesman today--
Lakeway couple plans space wedding: They're spending plenty, but is it legal?

5 Apr 2007    PERFECT MUSIC VIDEO for EASTER! (and every day)
(April 5, 2007)
Nick Arandes emailed me for video help last year and now he sends me wonderful "thank you" emails. Today I received his latest work -- "I Believe in You!"

Here's what Nick wrote to me--
Nerissa, you have been a part of what is happening to me with my videos online. They have been a major source of online income. People do not realize what they are missing by not having videos on the internet. Not only so, they have no idea how easy it is! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

Nick Arandes can be reached at--

8 Mar 2007    My Sweetie is on Larry King LIVE -- again!
I'm helping spread the word about my sweetie! Joe was invited yesterday to appear on TV again and is in the air to LA as I type.

Dont miss it-- Joe's on Larry King Live again thursday night. You can send in your questions --if you got any--to CNN:
(see link under Thursday's show listing)


PS-- I've been ill all of March so far with chronic sore throat/cold?. I should be feeling better very soon and will get out a new newsletter.

28 Jan 2007    Your Custom Valentine Videos
Valentine's Day is approaching VERY quickly! There are two unique web-based video services that allow you to make a Valentine themed DVD for your loved one. Accounts are free but the product will --of course--cost a few bucks. And will take a few days to be delivered-- so get your free account and get started today!

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