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18 Sep 2007

I agree that our country on it’s current course is turning into a fascist state (marriage of government and corporations.) I absolutely support the use of video cameras and video sharing websites to help reverse this fascist trend. The democratization of video “broadcasting” will play a KEY role in the public support of this student AND THE PRESENTATION OF EVIDENCE when he fights his college and it’s security forces in the courts. Again youtube video of entire question of student is here.

Drawing a gun on an unarmed man in a public theater is appalling and is exactly what this national news video clip clearly shows but not mention. Another reason to petition the college to discipline their security forces. And another reason why even a hard conservative, Tucker Carlson, couldn't even say anything bad against this young man who was asking Kerry (in the clip) about the stolen election of 2004. Video is POWERFUL.

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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