Free Video Resources

Free video resources made by me and others. Most links go to external web sites.

Free Media Guide (for video editors)

An expanding free resource site to find free video and audio clips, as well as, free photos, free video hosting sites, free videos that you can share, and free video and audio software!!

Free Video Coding

This site will generate custom video html code for your videos easily. Geared toward users who host their own videos, or are using a video host offering direct video links. This site is a unique and wonderful gem.

Free Flash Video (FLV) CONVERTER

Convert your existing video files to advanced Flash Video (FLV) format. Convert your video using one of the presets or create custom settings. You can transcode the following formats: AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV.

Free Flash Video (FLV) PLAYER for Websites

Host your own flv files with this free flv flash video player. Free to try and personal use. Under $20 for commercial license. (See sample on top of player page)

Online Video Support Groups

A short list of helpful video support groups and communities.

Camcorder Info

The BEST website for finding and comparing camcorders!! Search by brand, price and features. Learn about camcorders in everyday language.

Digital Photography Review

The BEST comparison website for still cameras!! Search by price, feature, or function.

US Film Commission Offices

United States Film Commissions-- Have Questions About Movies That Are Being Filmed In Your State? Contact your state's (or city's) Film Commission and get the answers you want.

Key Word and Phrases Suggestion Tool

Research the best key words and phrases for your website(s) automatically and free. Just enter the words and phrases you think describe your site, and then sit back as this tool compares your entry to actual searches people do every month.


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