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18 Jun 2008

I find the new legal actions by the Associated Press to be shooting themselves in their own foot. From what I've read on various blogs about this, the AP in legal speak are saying that every sentence of their news stories, even their story headlines, are copyrighted material (fair enough.)

Yet, in order to prove this point the AP has sent legal 'cease and decest' notices to a handful of popular blog owners. The AP says that they dont want bloggers, etc to "quote" any part of their stories --including their headlines online. (WHAT?!) In other words, all online news resources where I've been reading AP stories will stop posting, commenting and linking to the AP out of fear of being sued for copyright infringement. And I never go to read stories at APs website. What is their website anyway?

AP Goes After Bloggers Under DMCA

"The DMCA throws the onus of proving Fair Use on the individual "speaking" the copyrighted materials and not on the owner of the copyright. It was an unprecedented move and one that many consider anti-constitutional since it basically allows for individuals to be considered guilty of copyright infringement until they prove themselves only in a court of law to be innocent."

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