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24 Jun 2007

Have you heard about SiCKO yet? I have read and watched everything I could get my hands on before last night so I felt I knew the contents of the film as it started and moved forward. WOW! There were soooo many gems that the media hasn't even talked about, yet! The TRUE GEMS and POIGNANT MESSAGES of the movie are still there for you to discover yourself. And I highly encourage you to do when it premieres nationwide June 29th.

When Michael Moore announced pre-screenings in select cities I immediately bought tickets to SiCKO. That screening happened last night. The theater was packed--possibly sold out. SiCKO is hilarious! Entertaining. Informative. And surreal. Materfully crafted to educate us but without causing immediate riots in the theaters. SiCKO is the Must-See movie of the year!

The audience participation was unusual for a mainstream movie. There were at least three times when the audience clapped wildly. Tons of laughter from everyone, and a few moments of hissing from the more vocal attendees. Stay in your seat for the credit roll--more gems appear throughout the credits that you won't want to miss!

There are soooo many things Moore could have said in this film, but he choose to keep it simple. He didn't go off on the number of drug addicted people locked in jail; mentally ill kicked into the streets; the number of deaths from properly taken medication; the now fact that hospitals are bad for our health and are ranked as a leading factor to tens of thousands of accidental deaths each year. Moore really kept his details and message to the basics.

(1) the former Brittish official explaining Democracy and Britain's birth of their National Health System, (2) clear origin and goal of privatized health insurance, and (3) Michael's subtle call-to-action to cure our self-imposed "health care" system.
'What can I do?' - SiCKOIf you want clear instructions on what you can do to help change our system then visit Michael's "to do" list by clicking the banner (left.) (Another smart marketing push to his website.)

"I feel so insulted right now."

"Cracks were intentionally created so people could be swept into them."

"To keep their populations under control governments will keep their populations freightened, demoralized and unhealthy.... uneducated and in debt."

"It was enough to make me put down my Freedom Fries."

"I feel so guilty that I have over here what my parents worked their whole lives for and have yet to obtain."

The exaggerration of communist archive footage with special effects, sound effects, and Moore's voice over.

Moore yelling "Stop! Stop! And then covers his ears and starts yelling gibberish so he can't hear anymore.

The faces breaking from guilt and shame.

The children's covert and overt anger AT THEIR PARENTS for not being able to afford health care after parent's health insurance was canceled.

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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