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19 Jul 2007

I use to suffer from migraines and headaches. The doctor you're about to meet didn't prescribe drugs, but rather he identified that I had kinks in my spine that has developed over time and were putting pressure on my nerves most associated with digestion, allergies and sinus. With corrective spine adjustments I would not suffer he said. And he was right. I've had two migraines in eight years--before that I was averaging two a month.
Recently I was sick all March and had be on steroids, antibiotics and then a combo of the two for 10 days. What had happened was a slow ever increasing result of eating foods that I'm sensitive too. This happened over years then escalated in a few short months.
After seeing two nutritionists for several months it was March and I was freaking out about my health. My doctors seemed less. All my doctors but Dr. Rick Barrett. I asked him what he thought was happening and he told me that he thought it was a food sensitivity thing. He suggested I take two types of enzymes and get a food sensitivity test. Needless to say I'm much better. I no longer get dull sinus pressure or stress headaches.
I tell you this becuase t's important to have natural health care provider. They know much more than your regular doctor does because they consider well known areas that regular doctors don't. And I dont know why they don't. Rick had suggested to me that I get food sensitivity test for years but I never heard of that and thought the idea was nuts. My health came to a screeching halt in March. Neither GP doctor had any idea what was wrong. Rick said he was 99% certain it was the foods I eat. Little did I know it was black pepper, broccoli and spinach that were kicking my immune system into oblivion. More on this later....

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Nerissa Oden

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