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13 Jul 2005    Learning by Video Blogging with Dr. Joe Vitale
Joe is willing to put himself in front of the camera in order to give his email list a glimpse into his personal life far more easily than I. Of course it does help that his life partner is a video expert, that's me.

11 Jul 2005    Free Media Guide: A Video Lover's Dream!
Rarely does one find a resource like this one. Remember I told you a couple months back that I has been gathering a ton of great resources? Well, I pulled many of them together under one umbrella-- The Ultimate Guide to Free Media for Video Editors, or

On this site you will find excellent resources for free video, images, audio, free media sharing, and free, media creation tools! Please take a moment to browse this site--you won't be disappointed.

10 Jul 2005    Citizen Journalism Website Shares Its Video and Photos
I don't know exactly WHEN sites like NowPublic will "hit." But I'm sure they are offering a glimpse of our future "citizen news" and publicity. This site may still be a bit rough-- but it is certainly useful now being a great media resource for individuals and internet businesses.

... As you look at examples in this article I want you to realize that these media clips are not hosted on my site-- they are hosted on NowPublic.

10 Jul 2005    Blog Spotting: Where Business, Media and Blogging Collide
Fascinating site and already one of all time favorites for news about blogs, business and media.



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