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Speakers Cruise Free

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From author Daniel J. Hall:

"It was only three years ago that I stumbled on the opportunity of speaking on cruise ships. I figured it out by making a few key observations, asking intelligent questions and then carrying out a simple plan.

As a result, I am on my seventh free cruise and I'm having an absolute ball! Plus, I've got two more cruises booked this year and one booked early next.

And here’s the absolute truth: You can do it, too!!


Well. You need a blueprint and someone to take you by the hand and show you the way. You need to know the hidden pitfalls that will keep you from success. Most of all, you need a resource that will take the guesswork out of the entire undertaking.

It is precisely for people like you that I spent three months of day and night writing to complete my super-detailed and critically acclaimed program --

Speak on Cruise Ships: Eight Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises by Sharing Your Passions and Interests as an Onboard Lecturer (Even If You're Petrified of Public Speaking)"

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