Free Video Editing
Newsletter 1-1 May 2004

"The Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software"
Vol. 1.  Issue 1.  May, 2004

In this issue---

* New freee software available

* Newest freee image and video clips

* New site teaches camera tricks and techniques!

* NAB -- HD editing supported by most!

* Automatic Editing -- a hot new trend!

More freee software available!
I shouldn't tell everyone this, but I'm so excited I can't keep
it in -- Pinnacle finally has their freeware online for
Liquid Edition.  LE is Pinnacle's software competing with Adobe
Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and the others.  Go get it here:

(click on "take a dip" image on right side.)

More freee image and video clips
My newest favorite media sites are simple to use
and have easy to understand "terms and conditions" of use.
Here's one--

New site teaches camera tricks and techniques!
I was floored when contacted by Mark Sturge!  Many people have
asked me for resources on where to learn to shoot video.  And
there are numerous sources out there but mostly in book form.
Mark has decided to make learning affordable visual.  Watch his
training videos.  For only $17.95 you get to watch and listen as
Mark shows you first hand how to shoot video with techniques the
pros use.  But dont take my word for it, go see for yourself here--

NAB -- HD editing supported by most!
HD EVERYWHERE!  Everywhere I turned at NAB (National Association
of Broadcasters) another software maker was on the ball by
offering HD capabilities with their software!  Adobe, Pinnacle,
and Ulead have stood up to the challenge of offering affordable
HD (High Definition) editing software!

Automatic Editing -- a hot new trend!
Are you interested in having your photos and montage videos
edited automatically?  There are now several "automatic editing"
software to choose from.  So if know of someone who is interested
send them here

Don't forget, book buyers receive free ebook updates for a year
with proof of purchase!

That's a wrap!  See you next month!
Nerissa Oden
"The Ultimate Guide to Freee Video Editing Software"

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