Free Video Editing
Newsletter 1-3 July-September 2004

"The Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software"
Vol. 1.  Issue 3.  July-Sept, 2004

In this issue---

* Need HELP?  Try these third-party forums.


* 22 MORE great video tutorials!

* Get more web traffic easily.

* Community Access TV (International CHART!)

* iMovie Festival?  Yes, only better!!

* What is illegal art?

* Is your streaming media safe?



It've been out of touch with you for 3 months!  Forgive me-- I'm
not worthy!!!  :)  (Think Wayne's World...)

My content will make it up to you.  The good news is I updated
"The Ultimate Guide to Freee Video Editing Software" in early
August so if you already bought it and book marked the link you
can go access the update for freee. If you haven't bought it
yet--now is a good time!  See


ps-- I also updated the bonus ebook.

Need HELP?  Try these third-party forums.

We all need help time to time and these freee moderated video
editing forums can be just your flavor.  Most software
manufacturers host their own support and/or forums on their
corporate site, BUT there are a few that exist outside the
corporate sphere.

What that does this mean to you?  It means you now have more
people to give you answers to your questions.  Check'em out and
bookmark'em in preparation for your "eek!" moment.  These sites
are hosts to many many forums, tutorials, job boards, etc.  Have fun!


Do Video Editors also want video camcorders?  Of course we do,
duh!! So check out this array of camcorder reviews and buying
tips here.  They even have FORUMS for all your camcorder
questions here!  I really like this site!

22 MORE great video tutorials!

My good friend, Mark Sturge, is back and just released 22 MORE
downloadable video tips and tricks "showing you how to video like
a pro, film like a seasoned vet and amaze your family and friends!!!"

That's 22 MORE ways to learn by showing you
All for only $27

Freee tutorial for getting more web traffic

Do you want more web traffic to your site?  My friend Tom Parish
has set up an automatic learnign tool to teach you the most
common ways to get more traffic to your site.  He did this
because he has so much business, that he really needs people to
the basic matters into their own hands!

The tutorial is free and uses a new software that makes
powerpoints look like an amateur.

Community Access TV (International CHART!)

What is community access television? And how do I find out where
the closest one to me is?  What if I live in Mexico?

iMovie Festival?  Yes, only better!!

Amazing!  Astounding!  How fun!  And when will PC editing
software makers catch on?!  This site allows iMovie makers to
share, rate, and schmooze with other iMovie owners---and it's all
freee!  Freee tutorials, sound effects, contests, and more!

(iMovie is no longer freee, but it's still very affordable for
MAC users.)

What is illegal art?

I'd rather you see it, than me explain it.

Is your streaming media safe?

Of course it is!  But anyone can download it using tools and
technics explained here. Pretty cool, eh!  But if you are worried
about your work being downloaded just remember there are
semi-clear watermarks available for videos--and that's the best
solution for "branding" your work.

That's a wrap!  See you soon!

Nerissa Oden

121 Canyon Gap Rd.
Wimberley, Texas 78676

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