Free Video Editing
Newsletter 1-5 October 2004

"The Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software"
Vol. 1.  Issue 5.  October, 2004

In this issue---

* What magazine loves interviewing film and video
    Editors and the subscription is freee?

* Video converter software--What is it? When would
    you need it and where do you get one?

* FREEE Webcast for first time DV filmmakers!

* FREEE Hypnotic Selling Secrets WEBCAST
   Tuesday Oct. 12th



I recently went to my third memorial and want to remind
everyone to write your will and make sure you have planned
for the well being of your pets in that will. In Texas, it is
legal to hand write your will, but if you type it then add
your signature, that is not legal.

Happy TIP---if you want your memorial to be happy, then
you should prepare your own memorial video.
Otherwise, it is very very very hard for friends and family
to do anything but cry at your memorial.

Consider going a step further ---put your will on camera,
then add jokes and memories of your own to share with
everyone--show them your posthumous smile and
humor--your friends and family will looooooove it! And
they will laugh and enjoy your thoughtfulness at what is
usually a very dreary time.  And no one will judge your
editing abilities either, they'll be too busy and happy just
seeing you again!

Say it with video!

* What magazine loves interviewing film and video
   Editors and the subscription is freee?
Their latest issue talks to editors from Collateral,
Catwoman, and Fahrenheit 9/11, and more.

* Video converter software--What is it? When would
   you need it and where do you get one?
Video converter software is a small program that allows
you to convert a clip in one video file format into another
video file format. For example, you can convert a .mov
clip into an .avi clip.  You can also decrease or increase
the frame rate (per second) of a video clip by converting
it. Not all video converting software perform the same
functions or work with the same file formats.

Have you ever shot or downloaded a video clip only to
have it not play in your editing software?  Most likely
all that happened was the clip played and you heard
audio but no picture. I have -- a lot!

I bought a tiny camera at the last National Association
of Broadcasters Convention that makes its video clips
in the AVI format.  But those AVI clips are not
recognized by any player or editing software because
they only contain 10 frames per second instead of the
normal 29.97fps.  So, what I have to do (and what
you can do) is convert my original clip into a
different clip that my most software players and
editors like.  I convert my 10fps AVI clips into 29.97
AVI clips.

I use a fr^e converter to do this called Virtual Dub.
You can download it here.

You can also find many many other video converters
at Look at each software
"license" area to find out if that software is fr^^ or
a trial.

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That's a wrap!  Say it with video!

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