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Newsletter 2-3 April 2005

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News from The Video Queen

 Vol. 2.  Issue 3.  April 2005
In this issue---

* Where's Nerissa going? Should I follow?

* What's different about Nerissa's videos?


* The BLUR between personal and business

* Yahoo's newest Video Group

* Nerissa's love reaches New York Times Bestseller List!

* Cool New Video Links

* Newsletters more frequent; Add RSS


Where's Nerissa going?  Should I follow?

Surprise!  I have a new website and a new web host. And I am so happy!  I did myself AND I don't have to struggle with HTML anymore --my entire interface is Word-like.  Just look at this site!  It's so big and beautiful!  And it's FREE!  I am not kidding!  It offers referral links on the bottom of each page and I've already gotten all my money back because I can't keep my mouth shut about just how freeing my new host is.  I have given 5 personal tours so far--and three people signed up already!

My host has a ton of webpage templates for things such as User Forums (check out mine), Catalogs, Message Boards, Maps, Links, Newsletter sign ups and MORE!   

SOOOOOOOOOO if you're looking for a new web host I highly recommend giving this one a spin with their free trail. Just click on the little link at the bottom of this page.  When you get serious about buying and want to ask me questions, please do.  

I am abandoning my two new blogs on blogspot. Why? For two reasons:  a) Because I discovered Blogger's RSS feed is half as effective as the one I'll be using here. Also, I want my RSS advertising changes ON THIS SITE, NOT BLOGGERS.  

b) I was stunned to learn that a "blog" doesn't have to be a separate hosting service or software. Are you surprised too?  I finally made myself take the time to read the ebook Joe co-authored with Laura Childs this week and WOW!  I highly recommend it and her.  Kudos to Laura and Joe for making such a helpful, easy to read ebook!

I started using a video host which I will talk more about next....

What's different about Nerissa's  videos?
I admit it!   I was getting frustrated with tweaking video code.  I even had a tough time deciding in between video file size vs. video quality and download speed.  I love the RM format and want to use it BUT I hate asking my viewers to download the free player because Real intentionally buries in sales copy.   

I looked into this newest video hosting service made by a bunch of Internet marketers.  I had to sign up for a trial before I could learn anything-- I hate that!  And I had to invest $$ in Flash converter software.  But I think you'll agree, my videos are worth it, and so are yours.

I have researched over 14 of the major players in the video service business. But the service I choose differs in from the major service providers. My provider offers

1) unlimited storage for videos,
2) unlimited video durations,
3) easy to calculate referral income--one tier-- at $10 per referral,
4) control your own flash compression

BIG DIFFERENCES!  And worth every penny. I hope to meet them some day for raising the bar on internet video service providers.

I mentioned I bought a Flash converter to compress my videos.  I choose WildForm's FlixPro4.  It's easy to use and both trial versions I downloaded worked.  I tried Sorenson first but neither trial .exe worked on either computer. I also tried SwishVideo because it was least expensive--but it didn't cut the mustard.

Now, armed with the Flash convertor and my preferred video service --- I can post my videos ANYWHERE (Ebay, blogs, etc.) for just one low monthly fee!  Click on the name 'Instant Video Generator' after watching one of my videos and you can try the service yourself for free.

The BLUR between personal and business
Recently I was active on a Yahoo video group answering questions from other members about video editing, etc. when I got totally smeared by other members.  For what?  For using my referral link when answering a members request for my preferred video hosting service.  A very active member labeled me an "evil marketer" and several members followed his lead and called me names and even told me go (beep) myself.  When I defended my post I got attacked further.  Then I found out members had reported me as a spammer.  The active member who had tagged me as "evil" also said my sales copy for one ebook was nothing but lies. (I guess to prove I was an evil marketer.)

One week later and I am receiving a ton of spam to email addresses that have been "spam-free virgins."  Can you believe that?!  I had no idea people in a public forum would report you as spam and submit your emails to known spammer lists just because they disagreed with you.  I was angry and hurt. 

So what does a person do in a situation like that?

I did several things.  I stopped responding to the attack.  I started a Women's-only Video Forum on  And I started a new Yahoo Group --Video Blogging Business-- so no other person had to go through what I did.

 As a side benefit, I got over my fear of "being visible." I started a great ezine article about this and I hope to show it to you soon.

Yahoo's newest Group for businesses
Yes, I started a new Yahoo Group "Video Blogging Business."  I predict will be a very popular group some day.  I submitted the group on friday and it's already got members.  I hope you will come check it out.

Nerissa's love reaches New York Times Bestseller List!
Welllllll, he's very close anyway.  The NYT is watching his status as we speak.  The love of my life and famous internet marketing pioneer, Dr. Joe Vitale, pushed Harry Potter down into the #2 spot last week!! 

If you haven't already, please go check out Joe's new hardcover book, The Attractor Factor.  IF you buy one or more copy on April 20th you will receive a ton of cool digital download bonuses!  I recently bought three copies to give to friends and plan to buy three on the 20th to donate to local libraries. Go see yourself what all the buzz is about


Cool New Video Links
Excellent example of business vlogging


How to Promote Your VideoBlog by Steve Garfield


Free hosting for photos and video for blogs


Google wants your videos.  They may even pay you 70% commission!

Newsletters more frequent; Add RSS
Look for my new RSS feed to be active very soon. And expect my email newsletter to go out more frequently. Maybe as often as once a week.

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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