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Newsletter 2-4 May 2005

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News from The Video Queen

 Vol. 2.  Issue 4.  May 2005
In this issue---

* Internet Video Predictions through 2006

* Customer-Made Video Contests (A Win-Win!)

* The Video Queen's brain on streaming audio!


* VIDEO: Austin Video Bloggers First Meeting

* Ulead VideoStudio 9 -- new release!

* Media RSS 2.0 just released-- go learn it!

Internet Video Predictions through 2006
It's never too late to visualize your future! Check out my top ten expert radar predictions on internet video through 2006.

1. Video Blogs will become the new "reality tv" as new video bloggers unleash their previously unseen talent and will spur more late comers to join the internet party. Fake personas whose main content is to shock will break headlines. Traditional cable TV will help propel these new comers to stardom. But probably not until summer 2006.

2. New businesses will sprout to serve the increased demand for creation, hosting and distribution of videos online. Established internet businesses will create new services for video to entice more visitors. Businesses who fail to incorporate "video entertainment" on their sites will start to loose ground to competitors who do.

3. In late 2006 the "shock internet video blogs" will become a new political boiling point.  How do you make them "kid friendly?"  Should the internet be regulated?  The newest video hosting services are trying to keep this content off their servers, but demand will exceed ability to censor for many. How will we cope?  Will the Internet be redefined as "broadcasting" and thus pushed under FCC regulations?

4. Smaller faster moving entrepreneurial businesses and individuals will make use of video blogs by transferring more of their "advertising budgets" to their blogs. More traditional advertising will contain links to sites with video and will be made specifically to increase internet viewership. "Cliffhanger Ads" start to gain popularity. A couple will generate loyal enthusiastic audiences raising the bar for others.

5. Political organizations will push their video "vaults" into the spotlight by using videos from rallies and demonstrations on or before September 11, 2005.  Citizen video footage has already raised the bar on public demonstrations and police activity. A new cable news station will focus primarily on video citizen journalism including that of independent video bloggers.

6. VlogIt! becomes the "new" hot software for internet marketers and video bloggers.

7. More monolith corporations and entrenched businesses will incorporate the use of blogs and video blogs to further their public image. Newest trends in business ar perfect for blogging-- "communal marketing" and "customer-made." Some business and political agendas will financially support "independent bloggers" who espouse the preferred view of the business or political agenda.

8. Newer more affordable and more consumer friendly video production companies will sprout up on and off the web.  There is fantastic opportunity for growth in this field for creative types.

9. More laws against videotaping in certain public areas will surprise and incite many vacationers and video enthusiasts. A new term for this type of violation will make a few headlines before 2007.

10. A new video "standard" (format) will emerge that will be embraced by electronics and software manufactures alike.  The last great "hurdle" to video newbies will be headed toward obliteration by the end of 2006.

Customer-Made Video Contests (A Win-Win!)
What marketing methods do these businesses have in common, besides their use of internet video?  

The new business trends are into the same ideals as video blogs: customer interaction and communal marketing.  The below examples illustrate these newest trends for businesses-- by encouraging customer-made contests.

Dutch Comedy TV hosts consumer made ads contests:


Converse Gallery asks for and airs best consumer-made ads:

Ruffles contest for video makers

The Video Queen's brain on streaming audio!
A very rare public viewing of the inside of my brain!  My inner musings so to speak. 

Ralph Zuranski interviewed me for his program "In Search of Heros" that is geared toward young people.  The interview focused on heroism and role models. I talk about my personal life including my life as it was in high school and college.  A lot of energy comes across --and for that I am very proud.

I'm currently listed under "New Interviews."  A streaming audio interview about 50 minutes long.

VIDEO: Austin Video Bloggers First Meeting
Live and learn --isn't that what they say? OR maybe --how to turn lemons into lemonade? Look for the silver lining on every cloud. Here is a video highlighting the first meeting I organized for Austin Video Bloggers--sounds boring eh? Well....the location for the meeting was a huge chainstore and had been in my neighborhood for about 20 years--so I was shocked to find the location closed and all signage gone! Here is what happened.... (45 second video story)


Ulead VideoStudio 9 -- new release!
Ulead has released VideoStudio 9!  It has new features including 20 new movie wizard templates, screensaver maker feature of movie still frames and photos, 16:9 support, chroma-key and MWV HD/ WMV Smart Phone/ WMV Pocket PC Support (export projects into supported phone and PDA devices.)

Upgrades are $49.99 and full versions are $99.99

Media RSS 2.0 just released-- go learn it!
"Media RSS" is a new RSS module that supplements the enclosure capabilities of RSS 2.0. RSS enclosures are already being used to syndicate audio files and images. Media RSS extends enclosures to handle other media types, such as short films or TV, as well as provide additional metadata with the media. Media RSS enables content publishers and bloggers to syndicate multimedia content such as TV and video clips, movies, images, and audio."

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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