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Newsletter 2-5 July 2005

 Vol. 2.  Issue 5.  July 2005
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* Blog Spotting: Where Business, Media and Blogging Collide

* Citizen Journalism Website Shares Its Video and Photos

Free Media Guide: A Video Lover's Dream!


* Learning by Video Blogging with Dr. Joe Vitale

Blog Spotting: Where Business, Media and Blogging Collide


Fascinating site and already one of all time favorites for news about blogs, business and media.

Here is the title of one of their current articles: "Blogging biker on the trail of Lance Armstrong." Then they go on to inquire if the blogger is really a PR firm indisguise....

See what they mean about blogging, business and media colliding? I think this "blog" is really cool.

Citizen Journalism Website Shares Its Video and Photos
I don't know exactly WHEN sites like NowPublic will "hit." But I'm sure they are offering a glimpse of our future "citizen news" and publicity. This site may still be a bit rough-- but it is certainly useful now being a great media resource for individuals and internet businesses. Here is a photo of a great message. It's free to share by posting to your blog or site right now if you wish.

As you look at examples in this article I want you to realize that these images are not hosted on my site-- they are hosted on NowPublic.

And how about this nifty video...a glimpse into the audible public reaction of London getting good news-- the moment they were told they chosen by the Olympics.

One NowPublic's coolest features is that you are able to get their code for sharing either of these media onto your own pages FROM MY PAGE! Just roll your mouse over either image and click on the get code link.

I wonder what news story you yourself are sitting on? A new trend in fashions? A wonderful new product? A viral video perhaps?

This NowPublic site certainly has me thinking about how I can get Joe and myself in this new international news sharing business. OR maybe you love taking photos and are always on the look out for opportunites to sell them. Either way, this site is worth a looksy and a bookmark.

To me, this seems like a natural extention of a news release. You already have a news story and now you can easily add images and videos that enhance your story's news release. Many of you will want to use this citizen's news service right away. When you do, please let me know, and I'll do the same.

Free Media Guide: A Video Lover's Dream!
Rarely does one find a resource like this one. Remember I told you a couple months back that I had been gathering a ton of great resources? Well, I pulled many of them together under one umbrella-- The Ultimate Guide to Free Media for Video Editors, or

On this site you will find excellent resources for free video, images, audio, free media sharing, and free, media creation tools! Please take a moment to browse this site--you won't be disappointed.

If you're wondering if I converted my smaller ebook into a free site-- you are correct! I plan to add Google Adsense and just keep adding newer more wonderful resources over the years as I hear about them.

Learning by Video Blogging with Dr. Joe Vitale

I've been very blessed by having such a willing video partner, my love, internet marketing and self-help guru....Joe Vitale. Joe is willing to put himself in front of the camera in order to give his email list a glimpse into his personal life far more easily than I. Of course it does help that his life partner is a video expert, that's me.

I get to experiment with video blogging and Joe's subscribers get to see that he really does attract wonderful experiences into his life almost effortlessly--for real! They get to see he's a real person with a cluttered desk and has to work hard to produce results in the gym-- just like everyone else. Yeah, he's a real human person.

Eventually I'll be on camera for the vlog too-- but for now I'm following my passion and enjoying the opportunity to play with video and video services, and of course, help my love.

Check us out here:

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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