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Newsletter 2-6 August 2005

Vol. 2. Issue 6. August 2005

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* Updated has a New Look

* Got To Be True To Myself or Why I Love
Vlogging with Videos Made by Others

* No Cost Classified Ads with Video:
How I Found Buyers in Record Time

* Have You Ever Seen The Tower of Piza Like This?

* Publish Your Video in 5 Easy Steps, Or Less

* What Does Online Learning with Video Look Like?

Updated has a New Look

My former ebook turned free resource site has a new look as of today! It has also been updated with new resouces for free video and media hosting. What do you think of the new look?

Got To Be True To Myself or Why I Love Vlogging
with Videos Made by Others

I admit it--I'm not an MTV fan. But I could create my own MTV vlog if I wanted to. Would you like to know what I'm talking about?

Well, while I was researching popular key words --BAM!-- I found and I couldn't wait to SHOW YOU. What hooked me immediately was that the "Music Video Code of the Day" started playing and --BAM-- I wanted the code! I wanted to share it! I wanted to scream it! I loved the message, the colors, the sound. The song spoke to me and I thought it was a great opportunity to share it with you and tell you about this great free resource. After all, I am a huge fan of vlogging with videos made by others becuase it's fast, easy, and I'm a little camera shy.

Got To Be True To Myself.....

Video code provided by Music Video Codes

Everyone has a favorite song or message. (Can you guess what my favorite message is?) So if you have a hard time expressing yourself on camera, then find someone else to do it for you. And here's one resource

Hell, you may even find a way to tie your business to some of the musical messages.....

PS -- Music is one of the fastest ways to relate to others, direct emotional response.

No Cost Classified Ads with Video: How I Found
Buyers in Record Time

Are you sitting down? You probably don't know about this new phenomena that's giving traditional newspapers a run for their money. You can get national and local classified ads at no cost with better returns AND the ability to place helpful video in your ads.  I actually found tenants for an apartment vacancy in record time using no cost online advertising and a free video hosting service last month!

I've recounted this story to so many people and their reaction is the same-- "Tell me how you did that!" So I'll tell YOU. Please keep in mind that you can get free no cost classified advertising for practically any item, product or service.

I've owned a fourplex (four apartments in one building) since 1997 and on occasion I have to advertise a vacancy. In the past it took lots of time to fill the vacancy because I had to screen many callers who saw the tiny little classified ad. I'd have to give a description over the phone and explain our rules and tenant requirements, then I had to physically show the apt in person many many times before finding qualified and interested tenants. On average I paid for local newspaper classified advertising for about two months per vacancy. My classified totals were about $70 per week. That total could be well over $700 in total classified costs before I found appropriate tenants.

By the year 2001, I was able to create a free web page for each vacancy and place that web address (web link) INTO my ads. These web pages contained photos and were full of descriptions. They cut down on the non-qualified calls I received because it allowed potential tenants ---the ones who had access to the internet-- to "screen themselves" so to speak. This was a step forward but I was still paying hundreds of dollars in classified ad fees for each vacancy.

But when I had a vacancy last month I didn't pay one dime --$0-- for classified advertising and I found qualified tenants in record time. A lease was signed only three weeks after I began placing ads and my rental was vacant for only 6 days instead of the usual month or more.

HOW did I do that?

FIRST, I used video clips I had taken of the apt and placed them on a free video hosting site I recommend,  Video hosting services automatically create links and html code to your video clip(s), there by allowing you to place your video effortlessly within most online services like EBAY and the resources I give you in the following steps below.

* Please note that at this time, no one else is adding video to their online ads. You will be way ahead of your competitors by giving your readers an advantage of seeing your item(s) up close and in action.

SECOND, I created an html file using Netscape Composer (a free basic web page maker) that contains all the details about my apartment, building and neighborhood, etc. I also make a Word document that contains the same details but without the html.

THIRD, I created a free classified ad with this online service, Craigslist accepts html in their ad submissions. I copied my html source code from Netscape Composer and pasted it to the space provided to me by Craigslist. (If you do not create html pages, you can easily paste your Word doc details into the same place.) Also, in my ad headline I included "(SEE VIDEO)" to increase viewership of the ad. Craigslist ads are posted online almost immediately and can be placed any time of the day or night. No more newspaper deadlines and no more waiting for the weekend or weekly paper printing! 

FOURTH, I also uploaded photos with the ad using a Craigslist feature for people who may have trouble viewing the video clips AND because Craigslist adds the word "PIC" next to my ad headline-- which also increases readership of my ads.

In addition to, you can also use for no cost national classifieds. There is also a free classified real estate site for home owners who are selling their property at

More free video hosting service options can be found here

My Craigslist ad is long gone but you can see my permanent free webpage that I replicated from my Craigslist ad complete with the video clips here

Have You Ever Seen The Tower of Piza Like This?

Below is another example of the fastest growing services on the net--the free video hosting sites. In many ways they are creating their own Internet-based "Video Channels". The latest company to do this is YouTube.

I was told about this newest "channel" by a young woman who has had her own TV show in Seattle Washington--since 1995. She has great sense of visuals and no doubt she will soon have an international fan club. After watching her video I will offer advice and feedback that you should also note. See ya after she is, the one and only, Goddess Kring.

After watching her videos at YouTube, I was very impressed by her sense of visuals. I know I should be more impressed by her character yet I am WOW'ed by her sense of visual communication-- I could probably watch everything she shows me even if I didn't dig her poetic exhuberence or naturist showcasings.

The one piece of advice I can offer to Ms. Kring and and others who follow in her footsteps.... use video editing software title tools to "tag" your videos. Why?

Becuase I honestly can't remember the websites she mentioned in her videos to save my life. All I remember is the video host's tag, "YouTube".com. After all, I am a visual person, and I retain information better when it's visual.

So think about my advice -- tag, imprint, or brand your actual videos with your most important contact info-- especially when using these free video hosting sites. If you're not sure what I mean by branding your videos, please view and

Publish Your Video in 5 Easy Steps, Or Less

So many people have no idea where to even start to learn about web video. If you are one of these people you are in luck today. I will outline a short action list complete with free resources below.

If you can't wait to get your hands dirty learning about the EASE of web video, then jump to section 5 below.

If you're not sure which one to get then I highly recommend going to this site to learn about camera features. This is a free resource and review site-- I highly recommend it. I recently used to research the best camera for the buck for a friend. I found the Panasonic GS65 and GS150 models which are the lowest priced 3CCD cameras available. What's so important about 3CCD? You can find out at

If you are lacking in the idea department here then I highly recommend getting my ebook, "137 Fun, Funny, Zany & Profitable Things to do With Your Camcorder." You can buy it here:

You will either drag and drop your video files from your video camera to your hard drive using the USB cable that came with your camera, OR you will pop in your DVD disc that you recorded using your DVD camera, OR you will capture your video using 1394firewire (or analog) connections at your camera and on your computer, OR you will have to use a service to capture your footage to a data DVD disc. Here is one such service in my home town that does this:

This is the funniest part in my opinion. The things you can create with footage is limitless. I highly recommend checking out my newest free resource to get free video, free audio and photos --as well as-- free video editing software. This is my newest site

(a) You can easily start posting other people's videos to your website or blog when you go here

(b) If you make your own videos but do not yet understand owning a website works, then you can get your videos hosted for free at places listed here:

(c) If you are uploading your videos to your website via FTP, then feel free to use this new tool to create html code that links your video to it's unique player.

What Does Online Learning with Video Look Like?

You have the unique privilege of seeing the future of online learning resources--right now, if you want! They're called seminars but I like to think of them as self-paced e-learning seminars. I have been busy recording and editing these online seminars for Northstar Ventures over the past 6 weeks. Northstar had the unique vision to tackle this concept and team with established speakers to bring you affordable online seminars!

Each seminar includes speakers who are talking directly to you, provide you with workbooks to make your notes and to work on exercises designed to enhance your learning experience. The seminars are SELF-PACED which you may stroll through over a long period of time, OR watch immediately and re-review your favorite sections as often as you like.

So far, I've completed 4 entire seminars with the first called "Beyond The Attractor Factor" which you may sample for free or buy for only $97 today! (07-20-05)

I'll notify you of future seminars as they are released. I hope you enjoy previewing the technology of the future!

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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