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Newsletter 2-7 September - November 2005

Vol. 2. Issue 7. September - November 2005

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* FREE VIDEO CODING is Here At Last!

* News Blogs Use Videos to Cement Their Views

* Fair Use & Remixing Video Images

* Google Chose Flash (FLV) to Deliver Video Content Securely


Ring-A-Ding! Ding! For your free video coding!

I've been working to create a helpful site for people who host their own video. The site is up and completed and you may start using this valuable, free and unique resource right now!

It automatically generates the HTML you need to post your videos online. you can post them using an embedded player, a text link, or an image link. Basically I've made the hardest part of posting videos to the web E-A-S-Y for those who host their own video.

I will continue to improve this free site and make it as helpful as possible so please DO contact me with your comments and suggestions.

News Blogs Use Videos to Cement Their Views
This blog, Crooks and Liars, is using video clips regularly to share with their readers. They basically record news shows and convert pieces of the shows into short video clips for their blog readers. These short clips typically are the ones that reinforce the blogger's point of view.
I rarely watch news shows anymore because they're all talk and no action. And I never missed them much until I ran across these two recent clips.
I'm posting them here using my new free site Just click each image to watch.

Posting relevant news clips to your product, service, or point-of-view is an effective way to reach your visitors and customers. Just record a news show that's relevant to your target audience and post short segments (even short sound bites) onto your website or blog. These short clips add a strong sense of relevance and authority to your point of view.

And feel free to use to help you get those clips online.

Fair Use & Remixing Video Images
It's ironic that I stumbled across the video below as I am in the process of making my own remixed video on Hurricane Rita and the Texas evacuation. I strongly support fair use of media (video, audio, images, text) and remixing --but only when these remixed projects are "free to share." If you want to know more about remixing video images (and audio) please visit and

Check out this remix video by The Black Lantern:
**Adult Language**

Google Chose Flash (FLV) to Deliver Video Content Securely
The benefits of delivering video in Flash's FLV format is numerous and solid as the article, "Google expands online delivery of video" confirms. According to research, the FLV format is secure, fast and accessible to 96-99% of ALL internet users INCLUDING dialup users.

This is BIG.

To be able to reach market saturation with one format is nothing short of amazing. FLV is accessible to so many people because:
1) it streams (no download to clog your connection)
2) no external downloads or plugins are required for most computer users (because Windows and Mac OS updates include the Flash player plugin from Macromedia)
3) the streaming format is far more secure.

"To prevent further distribution, the video is available as an on-demand stream rather than a download, which could be stored on a computer and copied."

What is the FLV format? It's a steaming video format that has the best looking compression rate for motion video. It's what I use to display videos on this site (unless I specifically identify another source.) Traditional media players (QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player, Real Player) DO NOT read/play FLV files. At this time, there are no universal FLV players for the general public. So what happens is that companies create their own players that allow public access.

Check out these affordable services that provide private accounts for distributing and storing FLV files.

Another video editing exercise is being given away by EditWOW is currently being hosted on This free exercise is a quirky pretend TV segment called "Creative Cooking" and it's a great example of how bad writing can be pumped up through video editing software (and a creative mind.) A subscription to The Video Queen's newsletter is all that is required to get the UNcut video to start the project. Just click on the "Newsletter" page at

To learn more about just click on the "EditWOW" page at

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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