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Newsletter 3-1 Jan-February 2006

Vol. 3. Issue 1. Jan-Feb 2006
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* RUBBER JOHNNY - The Ultimate Viral Video Freak
A Viral Video for Your Halloween Collection


* NEW BOOK Wants YOUR Video Story!
Video Makers and Service Providers Predict Web Video's Future


What is this?

Here is a video of Nona in our catarium (a very large outdoor enclosure.) She is excited I came to visit and photograph her in the catarium. You can see how she's rubbing and rolling around. You can see Nona has her winter coat and is slightly chubby. She weighs 8 pounds and is the smallest cat in our house.

It's my "gotta have fun while experimenting" website. And the truth is, I DO have a pure breed Nebelung cat.

I highly recommend that YOU create your fun video website because - it provides a safe place to experiment with web video. Websites are free. Video Hosting is free. Video software are free. So, there really is no excuse any more.

What I'm doing is three-fold. I'm experimenting with video host and I'm playing with Google's (keywords and phrases and such.) I'm also not stressing about my video quality because it's my "fun" website. I'm not even using my 3CC hi-end miniDV camera, I'm using my still camera to capture video instead! I'm being so point n'shoot and drop n'drop naughty!

Is it possible I could ever out rank the other Nebelung related websites on Google? I think I can. After all, I am providing a valuable, unique and fun service -- Nebelungs in action! Am I having fun being the "only" Nebelung cat video website online? YES!

What kind of special critters or hobbies do have at your house? How about making one of them your "fun" video website?

RUBBER JOHNNY - The Ultimate Viral Video Freak
A Viral Video for Your Halloween Collection
I saw this video on a MySpace blog just a couple days before Christmas. But it reminds me more of Halloween. This video will cause chills and give video production frills. Click on the image to watch.

This video is hosted on and posted using custom video html from

What does the future of TV look like?

When I saw this website I thought "Ah-ha! Maybe it will look like this!"

If you look closely at the website you will see FOUR WAYS TO WATCH. It goes on to list the four ways as

Watch on TV
Watch on DVD
Watch now on this website
Download to Video iPod and watch later

Is that cool or what?! I love it!

Sierra Club website is located here

NEW BOOK Wants YOUR Video Story!
Video Makers and Service Providers Predict Web Video's Future
In writing a collaborative ebook about the future of web video and would like to include a short written contribution from many of you. I'm wondering if you'd like to participate?

To individuals and businesses, I am interested in sharing your love for video with the world. I would love to include your story of how you got into video and what you plan to do with video over the next few years.

Many of you are probably already aware of the value of free promotional opportunities like this one for your blog, website or business, and I'm hoping you are already interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

I'm looking for short contributions of about 500 words (one to two pages) about your vision of where web video is headed over the next 5 years. I need all contributions on or before February 11, 2006.

I've already recieved over a dozen contributions and I am looking forward to hearing from you! This is a great opportunity for free exposure and I hope to hear from you soon.


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