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Vol. 3. Issue 2. February 2006
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* THE BLUE REALM: Video Editing Style with Flash, Swoosh and Jump

* Dick Cheney: Just A Big Bowl of Bad






THE BLUE REALM: Video Editing Style with Flash, Swoosh and Jump
As a creative video editor, I'm compelled to shout and cheer out loud when I see a truly ground breaking creative video editor in action -- witness The Blue Realm.

The Blue Realm, a cable TV underwater nature series, ran on the National Geographic HD Channel. Here's a clip under 2 minutes long from "Ocean Venom" episode.

Did you notice how that tiny 2 minute segment used OVER 55 special effects and 19 jump cuts?!! (Yes, I counted them.)

The first time I watched The Blue Realm I was so sucked into the story of the Giant Manta Rays that I didn't notice the video editing until about several minutes into it. (Which the first sign of a good editor!) The video editor was using flash dissolves, inverted colors, stretching, shrinking, variable speeds, reverse speed, wipes, multiple windows, digital zoom, digital pans, and more!

The segment above actually contains all the effects I just mentioned. Watch it again and try to identify these effects yourself.

After watching it a second time, I'm wondering if you noticed the most subtle effect of all? You can't SEE this effect. Of course, I'm talking about the sound effects. Watch it again and this time listen for the swooshes and swishes that happen in unison with many of the video effects. You will also become immediately aware of the music, and the "dance" that occurs between video effects and musical beats.

Here is what I discovered about the series Video Editor--

Tony Moskal, Video Editor/Sound Designer
"Tony Moskal has been working in broadcast television and film for nearly twenty years. He has produced video and soundtracks on numerous productions for the Discovery Channel, CBC, CTV, W Channel, the Travel Channel, National Geographic, Sony Pictures Classics, and many others. Tony began his career as a musician in his teens, and as a sound engineer he received a nomination for Best Engineer by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He later expanded his abilities to include video editing. Since the age of 12, Tony has been an avid scuba diver and has been fortunate enough to dive in some of the world's most exotic locations."

Over 3 Hours of Action Packed Hi-Def Underwater Adentures for sale everywhere on the web and here for $14.95

Dick Cheney: Just A Big Bowl of Bad
A David Letterman .... satire?
I thought this video was hilarious! And it's being promoted via I guess Google Video wasn't the show's first choice for viral videos....

New series 'Conviction' is Free to Download on iTunes before TV Series Premiere
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "NBC broke new ground Tuesday with its legal drama "Conviction," becoming the first network to premiere a primetime series in the iTunes Music Store for free and before its televised broadcast."

"As part of a multiplatform launch, iTunes users can download the Dick Wolf-produced hourlong pilot in its entirety at no cost. The promotion will extend until the show's network debut March 3, after which each episode will become available to download for $1.99 the day after it airs."

Homepage for NBC's Conviction
I find it interesting that NBC created a "music video" for their new series too. I wasn't wowed by the video, but the idea was good. Free promotions on MTV and the like. Check out the Conviction "music video" (Click "video" on left)

Data Burned to Most CD and DVD Discs Fades Away in 5 Years or Less
Do Burned CDs Have a Short Life Span? (full article link)
"Many of the cheap burnable CDs available at discount stores have a life span of around two years," Gerecke says. "Some of the better-quality discs offer a longer life span, of a maximum of five years."

"Opinions vary on how to preserve data on digital storage media, such as optical CDs and DVDs. Kurt Gerecke, a physicist and storage expert at IBM Deutschland, has his own view: If you want to avoid having to burn new CDs every few years, use magnetic tapes to store all your pictures, videos and songs for a lifetime."

This is a great article! Includes recommended brands and why they work.
"CD-R Media Lifespan"

Another Solution for Video Camera Owners-- FIRESTREAMER

(Thanks to Enric from VideoBloggingBusiness Yahoo Group for this article about Firestreamer)
"Instead of investing in a tape drive and expensive tape media, your Digital Video camera and affordable MiniDV tapes provide a resource for 10-15GB backups compatible with millions of drive units available in homes all over the country."

"The one catch in using MiniDV tape as a backup solution is compatibility. Computers are designed to recognize DV cameras as a video source, not as tape drives. You need software to make the connection. Firestreamer is the one reliable solution I've found for consistently backing up data to MiniDV tape and restoring from MiniDV tape. Firestreamer acts as a bridge between your DV camera and the Windows XP Backup software."

Netherlands Debuts First “Video” Stamp

The Netherlands has issued the first lenticular “video” stamp, using a special printing process on a stamp-sized piece of plastic. Each stamp sells for €.39 (46 cents US), and before you think that’s crazy, keep in mind that these are not flat panel displays that we’re talking about. How does this work, you might ask? The technique is a variation on those little plastic decoder rings you might have seen as a kid—as you tilt the stamp to the left and right, the series of images appear to play back in sequence.

Here’s how Outer Aspect, the company that printed these video stamps, explains it:
“Lenticular is a specialised printing process that can show depth, motion, HD video, film or combinations of these. The lenticular material is made up of tiny ridges or lenses (hence the name “lenticular” printing). We take raw images and process them through a computer algorithm, which matches the lens surface of the lenticular material. When the two work together it enables the image to be replayed back to you. The printing is always on the reverse side of the Lenticular lens material, as this is where the focal point is, allowing the images to be replayed back to the human eye as the viewing angle changes.”

This technology can also be used for 3D graphics and lots of other jaw-dropping stuff.

Click here for original article.

THE VIDEO QUEEN SPEAKS at Portable Empire Seminar May 5, 6, 7
I'm speaking at a first time ever seminar for internet entrepreneurs called "Portable Empire To Total Financial Freedom Summit."

The event is already sold out (in 8 hours!!) and will be in Austin May 5, 6, and 7 of this year.
Congratulations to my friend Pat O'Bryan for facing his fears and living his dreams. Way to go Pat!

The good news for my list is that I will be sharing the video of my talk with you early this summer. I'll keep you posted when to expect it's release.

Where is this seminar that sold out in 8 hours? You can get all the details here

I ran across this neat animated video while I was uploading to for my Nebelung blog. It's called "Evolution" and is a stop-motion animation depicting the evolution of audio delivery technology. It's production value is top quality AND I want you to keep watching for the ad on the tail.... Yep, an ad on the tail, just like Rocketboom plans to add to their vodcasts (video blog) once their auction is over.

Click thumbnail pic to watch.

You can achieve a similar success as Rocketboom has done with selling ad space on it's tail but with much less effort. Simply choose a new video host--choose REVVER. is a free video host that also offers revenue potential. By attaching ads to the tail of your videos for you, you earn passive income without any extra effort.


If you've ever wondered how anyone can make money with video blog (vodcast, website, etc.) then watch Rocketboom's Ebay auction with me this week.

Rocketboom is auctioning ad space on the tail of their daily video. Rocketboom explains they get about 130,000 downloads per day on average--so they obviously need money to cover their massive bandwidth costs! Not since MillionDollarHomePage
has the web been so excited for that entreprenuer spirit!

Rocketboom, you make me smile.

Best Wishes,

P.S. - Click here to go to the Ebay auction page where the auction ended at $40,000!

Two more stories about Rocketboom below.

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
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