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Vol. 3. Issue 3. March-May 2006

Dear Subscriber,

You need to check out this audio software, Audio Web Plus. A friend of mine is a reseller for this simple software. Check out her informative sales letter for details on what you can do with web audio:
Only $14.95 -- a real steal!!

And MORE good news, another friend is helping me get the word out about MY new software-- VIDEO CODE MAKER. Daniel Hall and I have collaborated before on his ebook, Speaker's Cruise Free. (I wrote a bonus chapter about how to make your demo reel affordably.)

Well, this time, Daniel has a monthly audio show where he interviews experts and pulls gems of info from them for his 'new to the web' audience.

And last month he interviewed me! We talked about the tricks to making video easily and affordably as well as a new and previously unheard of opportunity to cash in on your videos by using VIDEO CODE MAKER. If you haven't heard about VIDEO CODE MAKER yet (and I suspect you haven't) then just listen to us talk about it and then watch Daniel demo it himself on the same page!

Here's Daniel's website:

To Your Success and Fun in Life!
Nerissa Oden

P.S. - Next week watch a free demo of a free Windows encoder that rivals Flash videos in file size and beautiful resolution!

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