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Vol. 3. Issue 4. June-July 2006
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* TUTORIAL: Windows Free Media Encoder

* WHO WILL BE THE FIRST Professional Space Videographer at the FIRST SPACE WEDDING?

* FIRST SPACE WEDDING (Radio Interview)
What's so unique about this audio clip?



* How to Share Videos that You Host Yourself


* TUTORIAL: Windows Free Media Encoder

This free encoding tool is great for anyone. Even if you already make WMV files from your video editing software, this encoder will compress those files even smaller. I think most software manufactures don't include the newest wmv encoding with their software. This could be a money issue, ignorance or laziness. All I know for sure is that this tool compresses just as clean as Flash encoders and achieves the same small tiny file sizes.

Go get Windows Media Encoder

I use it alot, in fact I used it to compress my screencapture tutorial master AVI to WMV that you will watch below. It's a large framed (540x380) short tutorial compressed to a 4MB .wmv file and posted using free html codes from

Click the image, and click the player to start. Enjoy!

WHO WILL BE THE FIRST Professional Space Videographer at the FIRST SPACE WEDDING?

Think of it - you're the first professional space videographer. Ever. Wow!
Gives you chills doesn't it? Well that's exactly what I thought when I saw the copyright symbol on a press release photo announcing the world's first space wedding.

First, let me back up a bit. A friend of mine, Cindy Cashman, sent out a press release this morning announcing her deal with Rocketplane to have the first space wedding! Cindy is in the same Master Mind group with me and the entire group was sworn to secrecy about this idea of hers for months and months. Cindy loves to wheel and deal - BIG TIME. So she's been talking to Sir Richard Branson's space flight company for months, then suddenly the uiverse shifted and here comes this other company, Rocketplane. Bam! The deal is done and she even gets to get married even several months earlier than was planned with Branson's company.

Okay now back to now. Cindy just okayed my blogging about this great deal of hers yesterday. And now I notice she added this, (c), on their picure! I haven't asked Cindy yet about her plans with this money making idea, but I suspect that website will be maintained by her son who has an interest in photography. Hell, the best part is she can sell the domain and STILL make money, after the wedding, if she wants.

So that got me thinking--who will be the

For goodness sake, don't look at ME! I own a ton of domain names for future projects that I'm excited about. I don't need another project, especially one that takes me into space. Me chicken. Okay - but if not me, then who? Maybe you're thinking right now, "why not me?"

(I hear keyboards all over the world typing into domain registrars.....)

FIRST SPACE WEDDING (uniquely embedded audio clip)

Banner image.

Use Hypnotic Titles, Headlines, and Descriptions to Attract Viewers

How do you get strangers to watch your videos?

How do you grab their attention?

What do you "say" to them?

Well, you probably don't say anything. You probably communicate using text and images like the rest of us. Text and images are always the first things users "see."

Your ability to communicate with text and images is just as important as your video communication. If your writing skills are average, then your ability to attract viewers to your videos will also be average - and that's a pretty low turnover - no matter how good your videos are.

Look closely at this list--
Short Description
Email Subject

How much thought do you put into writing these each time you publish a video? Unless you're one of the lucky few who've created a viral video smash hit, making and posting your video to the web is only half your job. The other half is grabbing the web visitors attention, arousing their curiousity, and triggering their compulsion to 'click to play.'

Look at these two video examples:

Stop Motion Animation

Teens Make Cool Stop Motion Animation

Which video are you likely to click first?

Now that you've watched the video, what was the title? Do you remember? Of course you don't--the title is Humunga-Dunga--two fake words! What a missed opportunity! Who's going to remember that title?!

Please don't make these same mistakes--take your written communication seriously from now on.

I have a secret tool that helps me. I often use software called "Hypnotic Writing Wizard" to help me create fantastic titles, subjects, headlines, subheadlines and descriptions. Hypnotic Writing Wizard was created for writers, and it includes a fantastic headline generator - perfect for video titles too! You can get the same headline generator when you buy hypnotic writing wizard for yourself.

Learn more about Hypnotic Writing Wizard here. Below is a screenshot:


I got a little blip about Kiwi shoe shine's new "fast action movies." I watched the first movie and thought to myself, "What's the point?" Then I watched the second movie and found myself rooting for the star, an animated little bird.

I can't explain it but there is no doubt in my mind that the next time I reach for shoe polish I'll choose Kiwi sponges because it goes on fast and is 'fun.'


And that's when it hit me--I was branded! After two tiny animated movies I was indeed imprinted (branded) effectively. The colors, the theme, rooting for the little guy-- it all added up to produce an image with feeling in my brain--that Kiwi (bird) is fast and fun.

This is the power of marketing with videos. You deliver the most relevant message in an emotional way and it just sticks in our heads forever--nature's imprinting effect.

Since I like engaging discussions about how "the man behind the curtain" influences us-- I want to ask you --

"What other decisions were made about the look, sound, and feel of these "fast movies" to create the effect that the marketing industry refers to as "branding"? I already pointed out the decisions to include the concepts of FAST, FUN, and ROUTING FOR THE LITTLE GUY. But what else do you see in these videos that produce effective branding?

KIWI Express Shine Website HERE

I look forward to hearing from you!
is my email address.

How to Share Videos that You Host Yourself

Many videomakers, maybe even you, are choosing to share their videos with the world through public video hosting services like But many more videomakers choose to keep control of their videos by hosting their videos themselves. By doing this, videomakers retain total control of their video's resolution, format, associated advertising, tracking and distribution by others when videos are hosted on their own private web host.

When you choose NOT to participate in the frenzy of public video hosting websites you can still allow visitors to share your videos with some simple coding. Just use this website's source code as a blueprint for adding simplistic video sharing options to your own video players.

Notice in the above example offers these sharing options under each video player: Download, Send Page, and Get Code.

If you cannot recreate this coding yourself then you can hire a professional coder from to duplicate or create similar code as


Why is an Internet Marketer using videos on his newest sales page? Is it becuase he's hip? Is it becuase he's technically savvy? OR, is it becuase he knows the power of video?

His name is Joe Vitale and he put video on this sales page for 3 reasons:

1. Video clips were given to him that are directly related to the product he's selling.

**Clip#1 from "The Secret" was given to Joe because Joe's in the movie and the movie knows he will help promote their film.
**Clip#2 was taken by an attendee of Joe's event and she emailed the clip to Joe.)

2. If a picture speaks a thousand words, video doesn't shut up. In other words, video makes a powerful impact - on our emotional level.

3. Part of the product he's selling IS downloadable video, so it makes sense to wet our appetites.

Visit to see these videos in action for yourself.

AND a shameless plug from me... the clip from "The Secret" was posted using my AND clip#2 was posted with the side banner using my new software, Video Code Maker.

Enjoy the clips! And maybe the product too!

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