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Vol. 3. Issue 5. July 2006
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* Confirming Your subscription

* What a subscriber said about my audio interview about video

* Confirming Your subscription

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* What a subscriber said about my audio interview about video

Here's what one newsletter subscriber wrote to me after downloading and listening to one of the interviews with me----

Hi Nerissa -

I was so inspired after listening to your audio with Pat that I TOOK ACTION and I actually created my own video! It's done and published, less than 36 hours after hearing your audio. Now that's what I'm talkin about - instant gratification. The whole thing was improptu, unplanned and waaaaay fun.

This 6-minute creation didn't cost me anything (except 4 hours of my time, which I happily gave, because it was FUN and I really enjoyed it). Plus it was my first one, so I had to learn iMovie (which apparently came with my new Macbook) so I figure the next ones will go quicker.

Then I went to your to learn about hosting and picked Google, and stuck it on my blog. VOILA! Go take a look:

Remember, it's just my first go at it!


And thanks to Amy for allowing me to share her first video with-- you. I know you'll be very impressed with her first video as I was.

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

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Nerissa Oden

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