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Vol. 3. Issue 7. September - October 2006
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* Shrink photos easily in WINDOWS PAINT

* What happens at an Adobe Premiere Seminar?

* VLOGIT software only $29.95 through Friday 13th

* How's Your Video Health?

* Marketing Qi Intensive Series

Shrink photos easily in WINDOWS PAINT!

I get asked this question a lot by almost everybody, "How do I make my photos smaller so I can email them or post them to the web?"

Easy. Use a free Windows accessory named, Paint. Paint is part of Windows XP. You can find it following these steps--


Next, choose "open" from the FILE menu.
Locate and select your image.
Your image may be so large in Paint that you can't see it all. Don't fret. Under IMAGE menu, select "Stretch/Skew"

In a new box you will see two outlined areas called Stretch and Skew. In the "Stretch" area, you will see two boxes that contain 100% as the default. To shrink your photo, type in a smaller percentage (i.e. "50") in BOTH BOXES.
NOTE: If you need to make your image a specific size in inches, cm, or pixels-- then choose "Attributes" under the IMAGE menu instead of "Stretch/Skew." Enter data accordingly.

Click "OK"

When the image you SEE is the SIZE YOU WANT, then choose "Save As" under the FILE menu. Name your new file. (If you choose "Save" instead of "Save As", then your original high resolution photo will be replaced by your new smaller quality photo.)

What happens at an Adobe Premiere Seminar?

Adobe is travelling the country to educate video editing enthusiasts and customers. And I attended! I didn't know what to expect-- but it fantastic! The seminar took place inside a locally owned movie theater giving everyone a fantastic view of the leaders desktop.

Here are the notes I took at the event--

___Adobe sells two "Production Studio" bundles geared toward video editors. The versions are named, Premium and Standard. Both bundles contain software that work together in a way that you cannot get when the software are bought individually. Production Studio Premium includes: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Encore and Illustrator.

___The newest and most powerful features are:
DynamicLink (or Bridge)
Interlocking scalable interface
ClipNotes (plays video WITHIN an INTERACTIVE PDF file!!)
Advanced Windows Media Encoder options in Premiere Pro 2
Flash (FLV) compression option in Premiere Pro 2

Of course I have experience using Premiere Pro and PhotoShop together and I love how they "talk" to each other. But to see the new interface in action and to see the ease with which After Effects can be used with Premiere (which is really old news)...was AWESOME!

I admit that I used the two bonus offers given at the seminar to buy the Production Studio Premium! I bought the bundle as an upgrade with an additional 15% off the upgrade price AND a set of Total Training DVDs at no cost. This is a fantastic deal and I highly recommend that you check out Adobe software offers.

PS - My old Hollywood industry folk have opened their minds to Adobe Products including Premiere. Practically every shot in the new movie, Superman Returns, was run through After Effects and Premiere Pro. Read more here.

VLOGIT software only $29.95 through Friday 13th

If you've EVER wanted to buy Visual Communicator back held back, then this is your chance to buy the smaller version for only $29.95! VlogIt! is Visual Communicator but with fewer professional level features. Just visit the VlogIt! website to learn more. Once you click "BUY" you will see this limited offer.

How's Your Video Health?

Find out when you visit my blog page--

Marketing Qi Intensive Series

(As I mentioned in a previous email)
You should know about a new mini teleseminar series that I'm participating in. It's called "Marketing Qi" and it the series starts TODAY, Thursday, at 7pm CST.

You will get to hear me being 'grilled' on MARKETING WITH WEB VIDEO on one of the 12 teleconferences. And I hope you do join in and have fun in the 'brain picking' that will undoubtedly happen. You see, YOU will be asked to submit your questions for me to answer. Live.

Marketing Qi Series begins October 12th and continues for 12 weeks
8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific, 7PM Central

Seats are limited, so make sure you reserve your place today...

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

PS - Don't forget to check out my blog entries
Nerissa Oden

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