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Vol. 3. Issue 8. November 2006
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* Are Viral Videos Effective? ... Define 'effective'

* Thinking of Video Blogging? Forget it.

* Why is it next to impossible to ignore a Video Call to Action?

* ZeFrank. Video Freak. Flash Artist

* Interesting video related news (links)

Are Viral Videos Effective? Ask

Want to see the stats for one company's viral video test? I did too. And I was surprised at just how well thought out set about tracking viral video 'effectiveness.' Their findings are well worth the read not just because of what they find but how they lay out their stats and defining "effectiveness."

I submitted a comment which wasn't posted probably due to a tech glitch (but who's got time to compose a second comment?) Anyway, in my comment that wasn't posted I asked about their statement that they spent over $9,000 on making 28 videos. I noted that MovieMaker costs $0. And video hosting (youtube and costs $0. So I asked them what exactly did they spend $9,000 on? I wish I'd gotten answer because I am really curious that that information was omitted from their study.

In reality, movie making costs practically nothing. I figure maybe they bought a camera, hired a writer, actor?, and paid themselves a salary in order to add up a grand expense of $9,000. I mean --wow! $9,000!!!

Think about this - a camcorder might cost $600. And most people earn roughly $2,000/month, maybe $4,000/month if you're a lucky American. 28 videos could be edited and posted within one solid week by a novice and within a month or just working in your spare time - we're talking homemade viral video quality here! That quality includes several "one shot wonders" like their first example below.

Read the findings of here.

I applaud Aweber's efforts! I am very grateful that they shared their work with us!

But I don't want people to think that video making is costly and expensive. Because it isn't. It's practically free.

Thinking of Video Blogging? Forget it.

Thinking of Video Blogging? You Should Probably Forget It is a great blog article by Penelope Trunk, a columnist for Boston Globe. Trunk flatly explains her reasons for her conclusion about video blogging.

Reading this article in Penelope Trunk's blog was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. But I don't want to say too much else now, EXCEPT that she also lists the top 5 reasons for people to make video blogs in this same article -- and THAT LIST is also well worth the read.

* Why is it next to impossible to ignore a Video Call to Action?

Perfect examples of how powerful videos can be. Whether they are clips or video productions, video can be a VERY powerful tool. Power comes when we feel compelled to reach out and take action.

Related article: "If it's a Police Beating, I'd Rather Trust My Eyes"

BELOW SAMPLE: Educational video about Whaling Cruelty (extremely effective!)
See the Shocking Cruelty of Whaling

And not all video calls to action are violence and gore, not by any means. Most are unseen emotional calls to action that reach another part of our humanity-- hope, beauty, love and maybe the most powerful human element... our curiousity.

For example, we all want to know this secret! How does one refuse to get enraptured in this mystery? (Watch the trailer)
What Is The Secret

ZeFrank. Video Freak. Flash Artist

ZeFrank. Video Blogger. Daily News Commentator. Performance Artist.
This guy really makes the most of his time. I read he works 6 hours a day on each video. He enjoys a Google page rank of 7 out of 10, and uses as his video host of choice so he can make money from his video habit. I totally admire his enthusiasm and hope he reaps the profits from doing what he obviously loves. If you haven't heard about him yet, I'm proud to introduce you to the ZeFrank---

Click here to read an interview with ZeFrank by

When you're on his website, be sure to check out his interactive flash animations and games. His xmas ecard option is located here.

Interesting video related news (links)

Holiday Video Service(s)!
Greetings from Santa!
Video Birthday Greetings!

Interesting Use for True Interactive Video-- nice looking but doesn't work so well on my computers.

Neato Video Devices Available Now--
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Pocket Projector

Peak into Our Future--
Personal Video Proejectors for Mobile Devices

Why read movie reviews when you can watch them!?
Reel Deal Movie Reviews

Documentary Films Rattle the Business World (article)
Else said the filmmakers are akin to the rabble-rousing reporters who took on the railroad empires and mining giants of the early 20th century. "These guys are doing what any good crusading journalist would have done in a time when everyone was reading the newspaper everyday," he said."

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