The Video Queen NEWSLETTER

Vol. 4. Issue 1. January 2007

What's your new years' resolution?

Mine's committing to my really big project and losing weight. (That sounds so cliché - losing weight!)

But being over weight is the reason why you rarely see me -- it’s true! To be honest, I’ve had the green screen hung, the webcam and really cool VlogIt! software ready to go for over a year.

I actually started losing weight before the new year hit. I’m moving and stretching more. And it’s made a measurable difference. I feel better. And I visit the chiropractor less.

I started stretching and moving after teaming with my friend Rita. She asked me to help her make instructional fitness videos that we could sell as downloads. I accepted. Then I learned from Rita how little physical changes can make a huge difference over time. You see, Rita went from being a “jock” to being bed-ridden with lyme disease for FIVE YEARS – that’s when she developed her fitness game that we're selling. I’ve started playing her "game" and I'm getting results too.

Now, how can you make a video product and sell it like Rita and I?

AND how could you do it if you didn't know anything about web sites and html?

There's two easy ways: (1) How Rita and I did it. (2) And how my friend Mark, The Seduction King, made and sold his.

#### Nerissa and Rita's Project - Win The Fitness #####

1. Now, the first thing you should know about our site is that we chose to use a website creation SERVICE instead of making a website with software or hiring someone. To make web pages using a web creation SERVICE, you just log into your account and type (or paste) your words into the template pages. You choose the layout style from a set of templates. Then upload any images you want displayed on your pages. The images can be part of the template OR inserted into your text anywhere, just like in Word. Also, you change the style, color and size of your text just like in Word too.

You can try the same website service we use free for 10 days by clicking the link on the very bottom of our main page.

NOTE: Your new website is live immediately. It’s free for 10 days. Affordable after that - and it’s EASY! Lots of features are included like email collection, photo album, etc.

2. Our website is basically just two main pages: the sales page and a product page.

Notice I didn’t mention setting up a shopping cart or a merchant account. That’s because we chose Clickbank to do that. Clickbank is another SERVICE we chose so that we could accept money over the internet from customers. When customers click any of our “Buy Now” areas they are sent to Clickbank's secure order form (try it to see what I'm talking about.)

Clickbank will accept payments with cards, checks and paypal, then the money is put in your account. Clickbank takes a small percentage for their fee just like any merchant account. One of the reasons Clickbank is so affordable is because it doesn’t “host” your products for you -- that’s why our website has a product download page. The download page is required to sell products through Clickbank. Once a money transaction is completed, clickbank sends the buyer to our product page so they can download our products.

NOTE: Clickbank also allows others to sell your product as an affiliate. Check out our “Sell as an Affiliate” page to learn more on becoming a reseller through Clickbank.

3. How to make the video product. I videotaped Rita back in October in nine fitness settings. You can use almost any video making software to capture and edit your project. After editing each section, I turned them into a high resolution AVI file because I want to compress the video using a different tool than my video making software. (But you can use what you have on hand. No pressure.) I used Windows Media Encoder (free) to compress the videos to downloadable files because it’s the best wmv compression I’ve seen. I chose Windows Media Format because it’s the second most popular format on the web and the majority of computer users have that player on their PC or MAC. Once the files were completed I uploaded them to my website and placed a link to them on my product page.


#### Mark's Project - Subliminal #####

Sell your product on DVD, through Amazon for only a $50 one-time set up fee. That’s what my friend Mark did. His project has already grossed $20,000 in 3 weeks. Of course, he and his partner have a large dedicated fan base (email list) to sell too.

1. He made a DVD. (You can too using almost any video making software.)

2. Then he hired web guy to make his website.

3. Mailed a copy of the DVD to CustomFlix who listed it on Amazon, set up an online “store”, accepts the payments from customers, duplicates the DVD, and ships the DVD. You set your DVD price. Mark sells his for $79.97 at


Well, I hope you found this information helpful. My focus is on helping you break mental barriers about video and in this case, video products.

Happy New Year!

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

PS - Don't forget to buy! -- Win the Fitness Game

Nerissa Oden

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