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Vol. 4. Issue 2. January 2007
In this issue---

* Were my video predictions for 2005-2006 accurate?

* Free web-based video converters and encoders! Grab from YouTube, Revver and more!

* Exploring DVD Publish-on-Demand Services

Were my video predictions for 2005-2006 accurate?

View the Top 10 video predictions that I published back in April/May of 2005. Was I able to accurately predict our current video reality? This link will take you to the original predictions.

What are my predictions for this year?

Well, as the next item in this newsletter demonstrates very effectively IS...more free services will be available online as time goes on. More free services and more free education. And I am so excited for these new possibilities that opening up for every person who has access to the internet!

Free web-based video converters!! Easily grab videos from YouTube, Revver and more!

Everyone needs to convert files from one format to another every so soften. iTunes users may want to use the videos they downloaded in their video making software but iTunes doesn't deliver the video format they need. How does one convert quicktime (.mov) files to Windows Media Video (.wmv) or even mpeg?

And what about converting other common files like powerpoint file, pdf, jpeg and even data archives? How does one do this?

Converting files from one format to another can be VERY frustrating for media users. There are literally hundreds of programs out there being sold that convert (or encode) from a couple formats to a couple others. So thousands of consumers like yourself are constantly searching for solutions to one project, and the next project, and later on yet another. These encoder programs that convert media formats easily cost $40 and add up each year.

Now there's relief!--I've stumbled across several free resources! Here are a couple of web-based converters that work with these types of files: document, video, audio, archive and image.

Zamzar is well designed because as soon as you see the page you know what to do and how to do it. One difference is Zamzar requires your email address so it can email you your converter files. Your newly converted files are available only to you for 24 hours.

Media-Convert is more stiff and nerdy in appearance than Zamzar. But it does not require your email address. It immediately converts your files while you wait and leaves them accessible for 6 days. (Maybe more--but at least 6 days.)

Unlike the first two web-based converters above, the next two also grab and convert videos from YouTube, Revver, MySpace and more!


Vixy is direct and simple--it ONLY converts Flash video to AVI or MP4. It grabs and converts videos using only a url from YouTube, revver and more! No registration or email required. Vixy is open source.

HeyWatch requires registration and a free account. Everything happens within your account. Your account requires an email address. HeyWatch also offers "account upgrades" for businesses. It's really worth a look at what they are doing if you're interested in podcasting and video RSS, even if you're looking for solutions for building your own video hosting domain.

Exploring DVD Publish-on-Demand Services

DVD publish-on-demand services take the headache out of selling your video product on the web. These services perform these tasks for you--
(1) take the customer's order
(2) accept payments in common forms like credit cards, check, paypal and more
(3) make a copy of your master DVD (or master file)
(4) ship the DVD(s) to your customer
(5) handle all returns and customer support issues

And what do they get from you? They make a set dollar amount per sale--not a percentage--a set dollar amount. These dollar amounts are around $9 per disc. A very fair amount for their part of the deal.

Listen, I hang out with people who sell products online, including DVD products, and I gotta tell ya, they can go through hell to get their products out there and handle all the issues that can wrong -- employee mistakes and disputes between third party software not willing to take responsibility for mistakes. I've even heard about a duplication company unexpectantly closing their doors over night (the company was really one person with a DBA--pretty common in today's time.)

There are two publish-on-demand services for DVD products available to you right now--and for free: CustomFlix and LuLu. I urge you to check both of these easy affordable options out and be open to a new world of possibilities.

Stay tuned because in the next newsletter edition I will list the pros and cons of each of these services.

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

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Nerissa Oden

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