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Vol. 4. Issue 3. February-June 2007
In this issue---

* Pros and Cons of On-demand DVD Publishing
Giants CustomFlix and Lulu

* How can you solve ALL your problems using Adobe
Premiere Elements and Royalty-free Videos?

* Web Video Summit June 27-28

* Viral Music Video Star tells us his tricks on
making effective videos for his web sites.

* Answers to your email questions

Pros and Cons of On-demand DVD Publishing Giants CustomFlix and Lulu

LULUs Pros -- Upload the files, cover templates, not much on site competition yet.
CustomFlixs Pros -- Integrates titles into Amazon, tiny refund policy.

LULUs Cons -- Long upload times, doesn't integrate with other companies yet.
CustomFlixs Cons -- Long title prep time (weeks), description and details NOT with title on, title rejected if copyright violation(s) suspected, not enough staff to handle customer support, preview videos limited to number of plays, discounts your set price by around 30%.

How can you solve ALL your problems using Adobe Premiere Elements and Royalty-free Videos?

Adobe Premiere Elements is PC video editing software that you can buy for $69. Digital Juice sells video libraries of royalty-free animations called Jump Backs for $99 each. This person claims to be able to solve ALL your problems, one by one, just by using both these tools--

Web Video Summit June 27-28

Are you going to this event?
If you do please email me a report and I'll forward it to this list with your name and website.

Viral Music Video Star tells the Queen his tricks
to making great videos for his web sites.

QUEEN: Can you share with me which software you edit with?
NICK ARANDES: The software I used is iMovie by Apple. It is so easy, unbelievable. Granted Final Cut Pro is the Mother of them all, iMovie is very easy and well, you saw what I did.

QUEEN: Do you use to post videos online?
NICK ARANDES: After I squeeze the .mov into .flv using Sorensen's software Squeeze, I use the one I downloaded from one of your links. I think is, all I know I use this file: (flvplayer.swf) with my movie.flv files. I don't know how it works, all I know is, it does!

QUEEN: How did you get audio so clean on personal story? Using lavlier? Padded sound bounce in area with sheets?
NICK ARANDES: AHA! Fool you didn't I? All I use is the internal micrphone from my Sony video camera model DCR-HC26. It is only about $300 when I bought it. It does not have an output for external microphone, which I thought was going to be a limitation. What the store manager told me however is that Sony is one of the best cameras when it comes to audio compared to the other ones. Now that I hear your reaction, I guess they were right.

Also, iMovie may have something to do with that. Although that I don't know. I simply download the movie from the video camera into the iMovie and start playing!

Music wise. I own a recording studio and the recording system I use is ProTools by DigiDesign at The new ProTools have much better Pre_amps and it is only about $900 or so.

If you want to see every peice of equipment I have for my studio, simply visit

### To see Nicks videos just visit and watch his very personal and moving motivational video. He has a wonderful program on manifesting miracles onthat site. And just click for his viral music video on YouTube ###

Answers to your email questions
ANTHONY: I haven't yet figured how I can use video to augment my commercial mortgage business. I don't want to end up as a talking head going on and on about financing commercial property, and yet, I want to come off as a professional with some very useful information. Any ideas?
QUEEN: People love small tidbits of information that doen't overload them. Keep in mind all those sponsored PSAs on some radio stations. One guy does "Your Mortgage Minute." And it is only a minute. You can also use animated financial graphs from Digital Juice to 'enhance' your talking head. You can either intercut the animations in any video editing software OR just use VlogIt! with your webcam for automatic "Im a professional" backgrounds and pop overs.

TODD: Do you know of reliable capture devices for Mac? I need to convert DVD's to files usable in Final Cut Pro for some basketball projects I am working on. I have used Cinematize but it takes forever so I am looking at capturing the DVD directly into my Mac. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
QUEEN: (1)Only way to do that is to capture DVD as analog input. Most DVDs have video out option for viewing on TV. So if Mac offers a way to capture footage as analog footage then you can go directly from the DVD player. (2)You could also output from DVD player to any miniDV camera (that has analog connections.) Final Cut Pro will then capture the footage from miniDV camera through firewire connection.

MIKE: How could i make videos of my joinery business which includes building decking and fitting kitchens etc,and market the vids as a product dvd?
QUEEN: Make the videos yourself (you can find free software at or hire someone to do it. Then sell the DVDs at or

DEBORAH: I wanted to get a code with auto play. The music video is posted on youtube but it doesn't start automatically. I wanted to put it on myspace page but I can't get it to start right away so I decided to try your code but it is not working for me. Here is the address for the youtube . Could you help me make a code? Thank you.
QUEEN: Great video Deborah! only works with 'direct urls.' A direct video url ends in the video format extension like this--
All of these are video formats extensions: .mov, .wmv, .rm, .swf, .flv. there are many more but they are the most common. YouTube and other popular video hosts do not offer access to direct link of their videos. Thus YouTube video urls cannot be used on

TROY: I've followed Joe Vitale's work for quite sometime and have just been introduced to you from your piece on the marketing secret of The Secret. In your opinion, would this same marketing strategy work for an online reality based show?
QUEEN: Absolutely! It works for books, movies, shows and more!

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