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Vol. 4. Issue 4. July-Aug 2007
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* Free Media Guide -- RADICALLY IMPROVED!

* Last Chance to get "The Marketing Secret Behind The Secret"

* Message from a friend

* What are "Prosperity Games?"

* The FREE Sound Recorder on your WINDOWS PC

* Answers to your email questions

****************************************************** has moved, is bigger, and better than ever! I moved it from a Frontpage created website to a citymax website and that makes the updates so much easier!!! Citymax doesn't require software for making and uploading updated pages, I've actually been updating my personal media resources with new video /image/ audio related resources every week! In short, these resources are now getting shared with you faster then ever.

If you havent visited in a while, do. You will be surprised at it's new organization and new resources. Please share it. Link it. Bookmark it.

Last Chance to get "The Marketing Secret Behind The Secret"

I've improved my ebook this month which I co-authored with my love, Joe Vitale. And we decided together to remove it permanently from products I offer. So this is your last chance to get it. To make this offer more tempting my friend Cyndi Smasal put together a campaign complete with valuable viral bonus material! You can purchase "The Marketing Secret Behind The Secret" here through September 1st.

If you already purchased the ebook then you can download the revised version using the same download page and link.

Message from a friend about VMDirect video service

A friend of mine, Leslie Santomauro, has been promoting the benefits of using the VMDirect video service ever since I've known her. It's a video service that simplifies the capture and delivery technology so that anyone with a Windows PC can use it. It can costs as little as $10/month and you can earn money signing up others up for the service if you want. Click here to watch Leslie tell you about VMDirect's video service.

I had signed up with VMDirect in 2004 and then dropped out because the company wasn't delivering promised features on time. But today, those features, and few new ones, are active-- podcasting, blogging, pay-per-view, archiving, custom banners, etc! So, I've signed up again with my sights on ppv!

What are "Prosperity Games?"

Do enjoy brainstorming with friends? Are you always on the look out for the next BIG IDEA? Do you have great ideas for others but rarely for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you should get Chris Sherrods' PLAY PROSPERITY GAMES today. It's only $47 and comes with a guarantee. This is a no brainer, gotta have it, for all you creative entrepreneurs!

The FREE Sound Recorder on your WINDOWS PC

Travis County Tax Office uses this free Windows gem to record sworm audio testimony! Hey if it's good enough for cost conscious goverment--it's good enough for me! Here's how you access and use it--

All programs
Sound Recorder

With a microphone connected to your Windows computer, open the program and press the RED record button to record. Press the BLACK square stop button to end recording. AND THEN choose FILE > SAVE AS to save a WAV audio file anywhere on your computer.

Add EFFECTS like volume change and speed before saving your file by using the EFFECTS MENU. Combine audio files, mix audio files or change audio file properties using the EDIT MENU.

Answers to your email questions

1. Can you tell me how I can send videos that will automatically play in emails? Is this possible? Thanks. Larry
QUEEN: The video email companies do not offer to deliver video via email that way anymore--and for good reason. Our email software is preset to protect us from malicious programs that start automatically after we click on our mail. This includes the auto-starting of video and audio files. Professional video email companies now send a LINK to a web page where the auto-starting video is located.
Just to be really clear-- you can send self starting videos via email, but most people will never see them. My advice? Follow the leader in the video by email delivery service--YouTube. You can always ask the pros to send you a sample of their video via email delivery to see how they do it.

2. Hi Nerissa, Do you by chance know where to purchase CD/DVD Cases that hold up to 24 DVD's (like the kind for seminars white or black plastic w/a clear outside sleeve (cover) to put a title insert? (wholesale price) Kind of like a small enclosed plastic binder. You guys do seminars, was wondering if you could forward me some info (need about 500). Thanks a bunch! Kari
QUEEN: has several "multiple disc" sets. This above link goes directly to their box set that holds 24 discs.

3. What is the most basic/entry level video editing program that does chromakey (green screen)? Thanks, Mark
QUEEN: Ulead VideoStudio, Avid Studio Plus, Premiere Elements, and iMovie are the traditional style video editors that offer green screen VFX. All priced $30-100.

4. I want to make a jpg image of a movie with snapshots of the movie taken in say 5 minute intervals. what program should i use? and does it support all movie formats? (spacially flv) Thanks. Rashad
QUEEN: Rashad, ALL video editing software will "grab" or "export" a video frame as a jpeg image, including Windows Movie Maker already on your XP or Vista PC. But most video editing software will NOT recognize an FLV video file. SO DO THIS FIRST-- convert any FLV video file to an AVI video file using this free web resource

5. I used snagIT 8.0 trying to capture a video off the internet but it played back with video only and no sound. in order to have sound i had to use the microphone but the quality was poor. any advice as to how to capture sound in a better way? my sound card is soundblaster live! 4780. many thanks. steandric
QUEEN: Option#1--SnagIt can capture audio and video together. The audio capture setting must be turned on. Click here for HOW TO Option#2--If your monitor is a flat screen then videotape your monitor with your camera and use a male-to-male mini stereo jack between your speaker headphone and your camera mic input (if your camera has external mic input jack.)

6. Got my myspace going last week. Just wonderin is there a way to html-ize my .mov file from hard disk instead of uploading it to a url? Ken
QUEEN: I'm sure there is a way to open your computer hard drive to anyone who wanted to view it's contents. I'm just wonderin' WHY would you want to? My recommendation is upload your files to MySpace video hosting OR for complete control host your files online on your own web host and use to generate custom HTML code for your video/audio files.

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

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