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Vol. 4. Issue 5. Sept.-Oct. 2007
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* RealPlayer Hits a Home Run....Again!

* What's THE KEY?

* Web Video Summit (Dec 9-11, 2007)

* Do Rich People Use Free Video Services?

* "Driving to The End of The World" and Memoirs

* Answers to your email questions

Dear Reader,
The free online classes were a hit and I will offer some more soon! I will also be offering online classes for a fee that will take place over days even weeks--for higher learning. As you noticed I've added bonuses for newsletter sign ups that you can can also access through the links in your newsletter email. Gosh! And I'm so excited to be starting a podcast on food sensitivities on Nov 1st with my chiro and nutritionist, Dr. Rick Barrett. Lastly, weekend workshops are in the works with the first one happening early next year. Many of you have requested such a thing and I know you will want to attend.
Enjoy your newsletter!
Nerissa, The Video Queen

RealPlayer Hits a Home Run....Again!

I bet most of you don't even have RealPlayer installed right now and I wouldn't have suggested you do it until I noticed this improvement--circled in red. RealPlayer was the #1 web video format five years ago. But they lost out in popularity to Flash formats. I firmly believe it happened that way because Real "hid" their free player for years, trying to get everyone to purchase their player instead. Now Real has changed that silly tactic and also made huge improvements to their player.

Download any web video from anywhere to your computer. (Well, not anywhere. I did reach a limitation with a video on

I was so happy to see this feature pop up after I installed the newest version of RealPlayer. I've already used it to download a video from that I wanted a friend to watch together with Joe and I so we could discuss it.

I even burned a Video CD (VCD) immediately after download using the free RealPlayer. This download feature might eliminate my need to use a third party online converter like In fact, RealPlayer downloaded a video from when vixy could not. (Find more free converters on

I HIGHLY recommend that you get your free RealPlayer from REAL today!

What's THE KEY?

As most of you know I am in love with a movie star. He is strikingly handsome, dark, and has a way with words that others can only wish he would whisper to them close and clear. We live together so I'm not just dreaming :-)

You can see him in the hit movie, The Secret. Love it or hate it but you can't deny that movie is helping people own their power. Of course their power was never taken. The idea that people have no power was the big lie. The idea of luck, destiny, or just a big white guy in the sky was how we got lost

Do I have your attention now? What is THE KEY?

Today you can find out first hand how Joe has addressed all the doubting Thomas' who say the law of attraction doesn't work. To find out more about THE KEY please visit

If you buy today you will get an amazing amount of bonuses--INCLUDING my very own "Marketing The Secret."

Web Video Summit (Dec 9-11, 2007)

This convention must be popular as they offer more than one venue a year!

Do Rich People Use Free Video Services?

You bet they do! We were recently invited to a posh Hollywood party and when I viewed the invitation I was floored that they were using One True Media! Actually I wasn't floored that rich people use free services. I WAS FLOORED AT HOW ONE TRUE MEDIA HAS GOTTEN SO GROWN UP!! They have really enhanced their offer!! You've got to check them out! First, watch this video created by rich people with One True Media--

Next, go get your own free account at ONE TRUE MEDIA!

"Driving to The End of The World" and Memoirs

Recently I was sent a book by a budding videographer that had nothing to do with videography but everything to do with living life, travel, politics and memoirs. I read the book and can easily recommend reading it if you're into sex, excitement and learning about South American cultures and politics from the street view. I was fascinated by the force this man lived and his eye for detail on the effects of American politics on South America. It was well written and entertaining. You can find out more about this book and the bonuses you will receive if you order today here

"Driving to The End of The World" is a memoir and amazingly enough another friendof mine is offering a class on how to write your memoir! You can learn more about her class starting Nov 2nd in Bastrop, Texas here

I've often thought about writing my memoir on working in the film industry in Texas. Watching the rise of the digital editing machines, the clash of movie departments, the drunken stars, the egos washed in limelight, the pro animal movies filmed on private trophy ranches.....

What do ya think? A little too much? :-)

Answers to your email questions

1. Can you recommend a video player that will allow us to upload a video playlist for our faithbased web portal? Sharon
QUEEN: Flash video player offers video play list as an option. Visit the main page to learn more.

2. I'm testing your coder for an image-link to play an embedded swf. It works but does not produce any control for the swf (i.e, no pause, stop, play, etc.) Do you hae code to provide that functionality also? Jim
QUEEN: SWF files only show controls if you build a player into the SWF file--yes, the swf player is in the swf file itself! (Wild- I know!) The program that you're making the SWF with MIGHT offer to make the SWF with player controls. The programs that I know personally that can do this are Sorenson Squeeze and Wildform.
Having said that.... SWF files built without a player do offer limited player controls by right-clicking on the video itself. Try it. The down side is you have to communicate this to your web visitors near every video posted.

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

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PSS - Nick Arandes received some consulting from me about a year ago and has really taken off with his own course, Manifesting Miracles Course. To learn more about it, visit Fulfill Your Dreams


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