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Vol. 4. Issue 6. November 2007
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* One Minute U

* A Podcast About Food Sensitivity

* Multiple Website Video Uploading Services

* Your Internet Cash Machine


* Answers to your email questions

Dear Readers,
Thank you for being in my life! I appreciate you and wish you a wonderful holiday weekend!

One Minute U

When I was at The Learning Annex: Wealth Expo in Chicago earlier this month I was introduced to a new video learning website. In case I haven't told you recently, FREE TOOLS, FREE TRAINING, FREE EDUCATION is specifically where the web will end up when it comes to video. Sure the web is also being combined with traditional TV services to give us mobile archivable TV programs BUT no news there - just a new delivery mechanism. The REAL news is how our natural human tendency to share and help others is becoming very obvious as more and more FREE TOOLS, FREE TRAINING, and FREE EDUCATION become more and more common. As long as the internet access continues to expand, we will really be living in a true democratic cyberspace.

HINT: As all great business persons know - educating potential customers is a huge key to increasing sales.

A Podcast About Food Sensitivity

Do you have any of the following?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, General Pains, Nausea, Heartburn, Gastritis, Bloating, Flatulence, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Itching, Eczema, Acne in Adults, Hives, Migraine and Other Headaches, Asthma, Sinusitis, Hay Fever, Palpitations, Skipped Heart Beats, Bed Wetting, Frequent Urination, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disturbances, Hyperactivity/ADHD, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Ménière's Disease, Tinnitus, Hypoglycemia, Premenstrual Syndrome, or Candida

If you do then STRONGLY I urge you to listen to my first two audio shows about food sensitivity--

Multiple Website Video Uploading Services

You should definitely USE ONE!

- increased exposure for your videos
- less time consuming than uploading to each different website
- tracks basic analytics for each video
- tracks basic analytics for ANY video

- first video difficult to upload to all websites due to security issues
- fewer custom posting choices allowed. [Choices like private or public? Comments require approval? Allow others to share? Are all not addressed. Website presets will be used unless you log in and change them manually.]

A multiple site video uploader works like this: (1)upload your video to the multisite uploading service(2)select which video communities you want your video uploaded to (3) write your title, description, and keywords (tags). (4) log off because you're done even though the multiple site uploader is still working!

I have used Tubemogul for two video uploads now and it's fantastic! And it's free! The only hard thing was setting up all those accounts at the various video communities. I got Joe and myself separate accounts on YouTube, Revver,, etc.

Look over these multiple site uploaders that I have listed on

Your Internet Cash Machine

"Your Internet Cash Machine, The Insiders' Guide to Making Big Money, Fast!" is a new book available in bookstores this December. Yours truly (me) is one of the contributing author!
Co-authors Jillian Coleman and Joe Vitale (my very close friends), have created a free sample of the book containing more than 50 information-packed pages that you can download now, completely free.


Nancy Woodward is a successful real estate agent and has made her very first venture into business on the web! I helped her create this product as did many other online women entrepreneurs and marketers. You can check it all out at
For those who get excited about this topic, I encourage you to sign up to stay in touch with Nancy by newsletter because she has a helpful community website planned.

Answers to your email questions

1. Is it possible to record a movie your viewing on the internet? Verna
QUEEN: Yes, of course! Many ways. I mentioned a couple in my previous newsletter. You can also videotape your computer screen easily if you a have a flat screen monitor.

2. The Marketing of the Secret video. Why was this pulled and will it become available again? Thank you. Jay
QUEEN: Currently, you can get it as a bonus when you purchase "The Key" book authored by my sweetie. Get it here-- I have spoken to Joe and we plan to offer it virally like he did with his Spiritual Marketing ebook. After his current campaign of course. WHY did we pull it from market and move to offer it as a free viral ebook? It's a long story as it did sell well and had no returns after I added some material a couple months ago.

3. Do you hire yourself out for editing? If not, do you know any good places to look for people who do video editing? My husband, Hillel Glazer, founder and CEO of Entinex, Inc (, has developed a 3.5-4 hour training course that is very popular in his field, and would like to capture it on video for possible resale to companies/individuals who can't make it to his training in person. We have 2 Panasonic camcorders that both record on to Mini-DV tapes. One's a PV-GS83. The other's a PV-DV202D. We don't know anyone who does (reasonably priced) video, and while I'd love to step in, we have (soon to be 4) kids ages 5 and under. So *that* won't be happening any time soon. Our current plan is to set up 2 tripods, at different angles and if the video quality is decent, hire someone to edit the two together for a more engaging presentation. We'd like to spend not more than about $500, but have no idea if this is reasonable, or even *WHERE* to look for the editing help (aside from you of course). So here I am, at the throne of the video queen, asking for your guidance and any suggestions you may have to offer. Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you. All The Best, Jeanne Glazer,
QUEEN: I do not offer these services anymore. I have kept a list of places where you can find video editing people/services on this website-- Although the page is geared toward video editors looking to advertise themselves, it is also relevant to people looking for video editors to cut their projects.

I should also add that $500 to edit 8 hours of video (4 x 2) is on the cheap. But you might be able to find someone. I recommend instead to hire a production company that will shoot and edit the presentation in real time using two professional cameras, a video switcher, and a DVD recorder. Professional cameras are important here because your husband will probably be using projecting info on a screen like a powerpoint, and cameras shooting large bright constant areas need aperature controls. A video mixer is important because the "director" can edit-on-the-fly and essentially have a product ready to be duplicated in any format immediately at end of shoot.

If you choose the first route and do it yourself then make sure the powerpoint slides get edited into the project so home viewers can see them just as well as audience. Also, great audio is key on a talkie informational product. So if at all possible, mic your husband up to one of your cameras with a lavalier microphone.

If you choose the second route, get ready to pay more than $500. I would hire a local video production company with experience in this type of project and plan to pay them $1500-$2500. Make sure they will do these things: mic your husband, edit-on-the-fly, lock the camera aperatures and lastly burn video mix straight to DVD on location. Of course, everything is negotiable. The sales of your product will quickly recoup your expense. Pre-sale the product if the need the money up front for production.

4. Is it possible to embed a video but keep the last frame still visible to viewers? I want to embed a video but I don't want it to completely stop. When it gets to the last frame I want it to still show on screen. Verna
QUEEN: Add that still image on the end of your videos. you wont be able to control which players or video services stop on and hold last frame. So do it yourself to achieve similar effect.

5. I am just getting started with video and audio and how to get it on to my website. Is the videocoder all I need? I have been off to a slow start because I am having trouble finding a good editing program that is better than the windows movie player. My main problem is finding a program that will still work on my xp laptop. Most of what I have looked at needs different video cards... Thank you for your assistance. Lise
QUEEN: To make video you need one of these-- webcam, camcorder or still camera with movie function (very common!) Next, you need software like a video editor or video maker. Last you need to upload your videos online (use a free video host like youtube if you dont have your own website.) Lastly, I highly recommend Pinnacle Studio for less than $100. It's better than Movie Movie and easier to use as well. Pinnacle Studio is also sold with hardware for those who need hardware. Studio uses your existing video card and runs on Windows XP and Vista. Most video editing software run on Windows. 95% of video makers don't need complicated expense software to make really good videos. Good luck!

6. Do you have html coding for mpeg4 playback as well? or would one of the other formats play it back? Thanks, Dawn
QUEEN: Do not post mpeg4 for viewing online. Even if a player accepted it (they haven't in the past and I doubt they do now but didn't research it) the audience will have trouble viewing it. You need to convert your mp4 file to another file yourself with one of these free video encoders--OR upload it to video host who will then convert it for you. You can find many to choose from here by category.

To Your Success and Fun in Life!

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