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Vol. 5. Issue 1. January 2008
In this issue---

* FREE Seasonal Video Services

* Hallmark's FREE Video eCard Service

* 3 FREE Video Clips from ArtBeats

* LadyBug Media Wants YOU on TV

* Stop Big Media (petition to reverse latest FCC ruling)

* Does Your Dream Video Project Need Funding?

* What is TheVideoQueen Watching?

* Answers to your email questions

FREE Seasonal Video Services

Here are some fun seasonal interactive video websites that I found and thought you might enjoy also--
1. Check out the YouTube video ecard I made for you!

2. (closed until next Christmas season)

3. (closed until next Christmas season)

Hallmark's FREE Video eCard Service

OMG! Watch this! My friend Mary Barrett told me about this free resource. CUSTOM digital greetings! Add your photos AND VIDEOS!

I made an ecard FOR YOU that contains some personal photos from 2007. Smilebox is a Hallmark creation. Please click and read my special message with several personal photos.
Click to play Happy+2008!+
Create your own postcard - Powered by Smilebox
Make a postcard - it's easy!

3 FREE Video Clips from ArtBeats

Creative Cow wants you to see how easy it is to boost your production value with Artbeats stock footage - so Creative Cow partnered with Artbeats to give free footage. Offer ends February 14th.

I made this simple video out of the free clips so you could see what Artbeats is giving away--

Download your free clips here:

LadyBug Media Wants YOU on TV

Joe Vitale from The Secret, Victoria Schaefer formerly of Entertainment Tonight, and myself formed LadyBug Media to start a new TV show, Expect Miracles, starring Joe Vitale. LadyBug Media is now seeking real life stories about miracles and the Law of Attraction. If you have a miracle story that you want to share with the world, please follow these instructions--

1. Record yourself on video
2. Tell your story to the camera
3. Tell your story within 3 minutes
4. Burn the video to DVD
5. Mail the DVD to LadyBug Media, P.O. Box 2048, Wimberley TX. 78676

Stop Big Media (petition to reverse latest FCC ruling)

I don't think I need to educate you on the importance of independent media (broadcast, cable/satellite, broadband and print.)

Does Your Dream Video Project Need Funding?

An interesting new resource that is working already for indie filmmakers-- check it out!

What is TheVideoQueen Watching?

Flying Humans. Outlawed in the America.
Have you seen news clips of flying humans yet? It's more like gliding humans but VERY CLOSE to FLYING. These athletes in other countries have created and are wearing winged suits. They literally fly for miles.

Kind of like an eight minute economics, environmental lesson that's actually fun and interesting to watch!

In Grave Danger of Falling Food
In this introductory video to Permaculture, Bill Mollison, the movements co-founder, takes the viewer through the history and developments of the movement.

Answers to your email questions

1. Have you looked at Maxcast to use on your site. Go to and sign up.,, CW and more now using the player..There is a revenue stream behind this business if interest. --Stan
QUEEN: A friend of mine has been very successful using Maxcast. Go to his sign up page and try Maxcast and PhotoMax for free.

2. Do you have html coding for mpeg4 playback as well? or would one of the other formats play it back? --Dawn
QUEEN: Do not post mpeg4 for viewing online. Even if a player accepted it (they haven't in the past and I doubt they do now but didn't research it) the audience will have trouble viewing it. You need to convert your mp4 file to another file yourself with one of these free video encoders--

OR upload it to video host who will then convert it for you. You can find many to choose from here by category.

3. Thanks for all the good info you share. i'm a new videographer (i have a hard drive sony camcorder). Would you recommend a video editing program for me that's free or very cheap? Thank you so much. -- Alina
QUEEN: Pinnacle Studio, Ulead VideoStudio or Adobe Premiere Elements. All of these are under $99.

4. Hello, I have an interest to learn how to create good slides videos like this one Do you give training on this? If you do, I would like to learn from you. Please let me know you charges if you do. Best Regards, Gamy
QUEEN: This service will make videos like that one-easily and for free. PhotoShow

5. Is it possible to put a curtain image around a video player? If so, How. Thank You --Mesha
QUEEN: YES! Hire a programmer! But seriously, without seeing an example of what you're trying for I can only offer you this ---> You could create a curtain image and use it as a link to an embeded player. ( will make the HTML code for you.)

6. I love all the free scripting you offer. I would love to know if you could give me a code that would do the following.... Have an embedded video screen on the page with controls and have multiple pictures of different videos in a list form that if clicked they are able to link and play on the single embeded video screen on the page. ie. Multiple video's from pictrues in a list to play on the embedded video player on the page without having to open new pages to view. I am willing to donate money if you could help me out. --Jason
QUEEN: The flash player by Jeroen Weijing supports a file list option. A play list of files. Read about playlist options on this page of his--

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