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Texas Woman Beats Google to the Punch, Marries Video to AdSense Ads -- May 23, 2006 --

(PRWEB) May 23, 2006

Google, Inc. is planning to release a new version of their popular AdSense ads that include video ads, but a Texas woman released her software at earlier this month that marries video to Google AdSense.

Video Code Maker "marries" your Google AdSense ads directly to your video clips that you post online. Viewers watch videos uninterrupted but with AdSense ads clearly visible to the viewer the whole time.

Advertisements can be placed to the right of each video for generating sales or company branding. These ads are clearly visible --yet-- do not interrupt the viewer's video enjoyment Affiliate marketers can sell their products with enhanced entertainment like free viral video clips.

Marrying Google's ads to your videos complies with Google's user agreement because it's merely a web design choice the user is making -- getting their ads closer to the location the web visitor is looking.

"This is really the easiest way to monetize your personal videos, company videos, and free viral video clips", says the creator of Video Code Maker, Nerissa Oden of Wimberley Texas.

Video Code Maker gives video content creators a way to generate sales by hooking up with related products that can be sold as an affiliate. If video creators don't want ads near their videos then they can place a cool image of themselves, their company logo, or any image they want and still achieve effective market branding.

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Nerissa Oden
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