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Video Editing Demo
Video Editing Teaser by Nerissa Oden
Features footage from my video editing projects from 1991-2001 including out takes of Ethan Hawke and Mathew McConaughy. Other projects from Viacom, PBS Frontline "Go Back to Mexico", PBS American Experience "The Hunt for Pancho Villa", PBS Special "Cybercopter", Lacks Furniture, Weiner's, Compaq, WalMart and Shell. Also includes various clips from historic Sylvan Beach Anniversary, World's Fair and other projects.
(4 minutes: 30 seconds)
The MindOH! At Home Series
MindOH! Inc.
Web Videos by Nerissa Oden
Professional and personalized greeting for web visitors. Makes visitors feel welcome and the video information reinforces the information on the web pages. Personalized greetings and attention leading are very effective for keeping people onyour website and oriented to your offers -- especially when directly related to the information on your pages.
(1 minute : 38 seconds)

Demonstration Video by Nerissa Oden

A simple point and shoot demonstration video without sound that plays again and again without irritating your visitors. The text titles add just the right amount of information. It is only a small Flash (.swf) video file set to "loop forever" and embedded using a free resource,
NOTE: Notice how I made the video with the product's URL address inseparable. I call this stamping. It can de done with opaque logos and translucent watermarks as well.

Dr. Joe Vitale's Video Blog
with Dr. Joe Vitale
Business Video Blog by Nerissa Oden
Blogs are the fastest way to market your business. And VIDEO BLOGS are the newest way to entrench customer loyalty and enthusiasm. In this vlog (video+blog) Dr. Joe Vitale shares his life with his newsletter readers and fans by sharing his personal life with them. They can literally SEE that he 'walks his talk' when it comes to spirituality, business and marketing. Feedback on Dr. Joe Vitale's video blog has been a fast growing enthusiasm for more, more, more.
(4 minutes: 20 seconds)

The Northstar Thinktank Business Success Scholarship
by Northstar LLC
Video Products by Nerissa Oden

Hypnotic Selling Secrets (30 disc set)
Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. and Dr. Joe Vitale
Set includes 10 DVDs by Nerissa Oden

Attractor Factor Blueprint - 18 DVD set
(a.k.a. Spiritual Marketing Super Summit)
Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. and Dr. Joe Vitale
Set of 18 DVDs Product / VIEW Product Testimonial by Nerissa Oden
On-the-fly testimonials at the end of a live event. A great example of how video testimonials can over power the lack of production quality lighting and sound. It's engaging and real as it captures the attendees still elated from their weekend seminar experience.
(3 minutes: 42 seconds)

The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money
with Jillian Coleman Wheeler
Product Promotional Video by Nerissa Oden
The product is a self-contained library of manuals, audio CDs, and Data CDs that details every real estate related grant available for individuals and investors in America.  Coleman Wheeler details for the potential customer the contents of her massively researched product.
(6 minutes: 09 seconds)

The Experience of a Lifetime!
with Cindy Cashman
Live by Example Video by Nerissa Oden

A good example of how many people are sharing their lives with their subscribers. Business people and entrepreneurs alike are finding that personal videos can help bring their list subscriber closer to them and their ideals. In Cindy's case, she wanted to show them as well as tell them about her outdoor lifestyle and freedom that she enjoys. Cindy encourages others to go for their dreams and achieve the lifestyle they desire. Cindy did and we can see her in action here.
(2 minutes: 30 seconds)

The Lighter Side of Life, LLC
with Jayne Garrett
Talent Demo / Promo Video by Nerissa Oden
A great example of a speaker's promo/demo sample.  Garrett's talk focused on the topic of her popular book, "Adventures in Menopause." Video is set to popular music and edited at a brisk pace to accent her comedic style.
(3 minutes: 12 seconds)

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