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Here is a video of Nona in our catarium (a very large outdoor enclosure.) She is excited I came to visit and photograph her in the catarium. You can see how she's rubbing and rolling around. You can see Nona has her winter coat and is slightly chubby. She weighs 8 pounds and is the smallest cat in our house.

It's my "gotta have fun while experimenting" website. And the truth is, I DO have a pure breed Nebelung cat.
I highly recommend that YOU create your fun video website because....


  FORGET INSURANCE! -- Get Affordable Health CARE!
If you're one of the 45 million uninsured Americans then I have some great news for you. There ARE alternatives to health insurance. But first I want to put in perspective just how many Americans 45 million is.

*40 million(2000) to 45 million(2003) in 3 years
*20 million more than the population of Iraq
*4 million more than all US small business employees
*7,500 uninsured Americans per US hospital
*15.6% of total American population

I have never believed in health insurance replacing monthly health expenses. Nor do I believe that businesses should be responsible for our health care unless they damage our health. So when I heard about my friend's side business of selling affordable health CARE, I wanted to share this news with you. Besides, the sales page is a great example of how to use informative fast-paced videos in a business setting.


  MONEY FOR YOUR MEDIA and Your Clicks for Free
So you want to make money from your media? Good news! Free Media Guide is now updated and includes a section that lists free resources that allow you to make money from your media. While you're visiting Free Media Guide, be sure to check out the new resources for hosting, making and sharing. I've included several examples of shared media for your viewing pleasure...

While you're there make sure to check out the advertisers in the column on the right. Many times you'll find the newest resources there.

And there's also a book out called "Money for Content and Your Clicks for Free: Turning Web Sites, Blogs, and Podcasts Into Cash" that I found more on the mark than any other book out so far. J.D. Frazer is the author.

  Company Offers FREE Video Hosting to Web Communities!
Could your community, business or organization benefit from offering free video hosting services to it's members? Or maybe you want to offer free video hosting to a niche community as a way to promote your business products and services? Maybe you're a member of a filmmaking community, a pet community, a company that sells (fill in the blank). What about an XBox Community?

Click image to see Video

To be honest I can't even imagine all the possibilites because this offer is so unbelievable, even to me! But what I don't need to imagine is:

1) This free service doesn't expire
2) Doesn't cost your group or company any money!! Zero! Zip! Nada!
3) Your video community can be public or private
4) The interface is customizible, and
5) You control the content.


If you're still undecided on which streaming media hosting service to use, then look no further. If you're unhappy with your current media host, then this 21 day free offer is for you.

During the month of December you can test drive what is (in my opinion) the best video and audio streaming services on the web today, for a full 21 days.

Try Instant Audio Generator to: deliver your valuable audio products instantly, securely deliver samples of your digital audio products, perform basic and advanced podcasting, enhance your blog or website and talk directly to your potential customers as they visit your sales page.

Try Instant Video Generator to: deliver your valuable video content without requiring customers to download, easily create webcam video blogs, deliver advanced video blogging to your clients and customers, and talk directly to your web visitors - even show them why they need your products and services.

Both streaming services provide secure, private, high-end delivery of video or audio content for thousands of businesses and people just like you.


I often get asked "Where can I get my family movies (and photos) transferred to DVD?" And now I have found THE BEST ANSWER to this question - One True Media. Easily create video and photo montages, photo books, and custom DVDs all through this interactive online service.

One True Media really is a one-stop-shop. Just look at what they do!--


  WHY FLASH VIDEO IS HERE TO STAY: How the Ruling Flash Trickled Down to 'Free for All'
Why should anyone choose to deliver video on the web in Flash Video format? Why not Quicktime, Windows Media Video or even mpeg4? Because Flash Video is the most easily viewable video format on the web today. Many experts even state that Flash Video is accessible to 98% of all web users. Check out this chart's "viewability" comparison found on Adobe - Macromedia website.

Most professional video content on the web is being delivered with streaming Flash Video (flv). Flash Video with the ".flv" extension is known for having the best compression to file size ratios. FLV video looks the best AND it's file sizes are much smaller than competing video formats. FLV files can be delivered as streaming videos or as progressive downloads.

If you're like many video consumers you may think the additional cost of Flash Video conversion software coupled with a Flash web delivery mechanism (ie: video hosting) is out of your reach. But you're wrong. I'm going to show you two complete Flash Video solutions that convert and deliver your videos at no cost!


I recently discovered two viral video 'buffets' that encourage you to email links to their videos, and one gives you the link to download them and host them yourself. This 'all-you-can-download attitude' is a great solution for many of us who are tired of sharing the same "files and codes" that are used by thousands of other people. This massive 'video code sharing' often results in slow to no-start video files on our webpages! This video delay effect more often occurs when using the most popular video code sharing websites.

I have the win-win-win solution...but first, watch this short viral video. Click image to start:


Is this for real? How on earth did the person do it?

Click image to watch Christmas lights video. (File may buffer for few seconds before playing.)

Now that you've seen it, is this real or video magic?


  RIPPLE TRAINING (Free Final Cut Pro Training)
If you edit on a Mac with Final Cut Pro, then you may be interested in knowing about Ripple Training. Ripple Training has tutorials for sale, but also has free tutorials here.

How can anyone find you if your viral videos are not tagged with your web address? How many times do I go video surfing and I cannot locate the source of the videos I want to vlog about? Too many times! So, dang it, tag your videos already!

I may want to give you credit, link to your website, or generate free publicity for you by writing an article about you, or I might just want to ask your permission to share your video in a remix video project.

Below are a two examples of video tags:


What do you see? Do you see a promo for a horror film or a family comedy?

Click the image to play QuickTime movie:

The footage is the same. Footage from a horror film now voices itself as a comedy. How did this happen? How is it that the same facial expressions have one meaning in one context and yet another meaning when placed in a new context? Did the facial expressions and voice tones change? Or did our perception of them change?


  Generate FREE VIDEO HTML CODES for YOUR WEBSITES, BLOGS, and SERVICES (MySpace, Friendster, etc.)
What's Video Coding? Well, it makes your video html code automatically for you. Do you want an embed? Text link? Image-link to embedded player? This does it all for you and more. This resource website is best for users who host their own videos but some video hosting services also work with it.

1-- We've just included FLV capability--just upload FLV files to your domain and use our code to embed, link or link to an embed(my favorite). And it works like this:


  USER FRIENDLY ARCHIVES for The Video Queen's Newsletter
I restructured my newsletter archives to be more user friendly. Under each issue's link, I added that newsletter's list of contents. This will simplify searching and provides an insight into what new list sign ups can expect. Check it out. Some of the topics I've covered surprised even me.

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Video Blogs now have an Emmy I guess it's high time we actually get those internet videos on TV. And that's exactly what the cable channel Bravo plans to do this coming Thursday and throughout November 2005.

Bravo's announcement on website--

Outrageous and Contagious: Viral Video
Thursday, November 17 @ 11/10c

"These days, who can escape the stream of emails featuring men dancing around their living rooms in chicken suits or Chinese students singing to "The Backstreet Boys" from their dorm room? They're funny, smart, addictive — and they're spreading.


Just released hours ago...a free web-based Flash (FLV) compression website. It will convert all video file formats (mov, wmv, mpeg, swf, rm, etc) into one hugely popular web video format, Flash FLV.

The conversions to FLV video files are done online and there is no need to buy or install any software for video files under 20MB. There are no compression settings to tweak, just three simple steps:

1--Browse and upload
3--save file to desktop (right-click)




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