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  Google Chose Flash (FLV) to Deliver Video Content Securely
The benefits of delivering video in Flash's FLV format is numerous and solid as the article, "Google expands online delivery of video" confirms. According to research, the FLV format is secure, fast and accessible to 96-99% of ALL internet users INCLUDING dialup users. This is BIG.
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Only one on-air personality made sense to me during the aftermath of Katrina. She asked her audience just how many 'roaming gangs' did we actually see on TV?
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It's ironic that I stumbled across the video below as I am in the process of making my own remixed video on Hurricane Rita and the Texas evacuation. I strongly support fair use of media (video, audio, images, text) and remixing --but only when these remixed projects are "free to share." If you want to know more about remixing video images (and audio) please visit and

Check out this remix video by The Black Lantern:
**Adult Language**

  News Blogs Use Videos to Cement Their Views
This blog, Crooks and Liars, is using video clips regularly to share with their readers. They basically record news shows and convert pieces of the shows into short video clips for their blog readers. These short clips typically are the ones that reinforce the blogger's point of view.
I rarely watch news shows anymore because they're all talk and no action. And I never missed them much until I ran across these two recent clips.
I'm posting them here using my new free site Just click each image to watch.

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  I Donated to Relief Effort
I've read a lot of "what you can do" info lately but I haven't read much "here's what I did." So I just wanted to share with everyone that I donated to the hurricane relief effort at the relief website.

In addition, Joe and I are gathering our spare pillows, bedding, clothing, household items, pet items, personal items, toiletries etc. to donate to a reputable relief agency or hopefully give directly to displaced people's who've made their way to Wimberley /San Marcos area.

I also agree with most of the viewpoints expressed on this website,, about how and why this terrible man-made disaster happened.

Nerissa Oden

  FREE VIDEO CODING is Here At Last!

I've been working to create a helpful site for people who host their own video. The site is up and completed and you may start using this valuable, free and unique resource right now!

It automatically generates the HTML you need to post your videos online. you can post them using an embedded player, a text link, or an image link. Basically I've made the hardest part of posting videos to the web E-A-S-Y for those who host their own video.

I will continue to improve this free site and make it as helpful as possible so please DO contact me with your comments and suggestions. queen AT

Here are my testing pages:
Embedded player examples
Text and Image Link examples


  Updated has a New Look

My former ebook turned free resource site has a new look as of today! It has also been updated with new resouces for free video and media hosting. What do you think of the new look?


  Got To Be True To Myself or Why I Love Vlogging with Videos Made by Others
I admit it--I'm not an MTV fan. But I could create my own MTV vlog if I wanted to. Would you like to know what I'm talking about?

Well, while I was researching popular key words --BAM!-- I found and I couldn't wait to SHOW YOU. What hooked me immediately was that the "Music Video Code of the Day" started playing and --BAM-- I wanted the code! I wanted to share it! I wanted to scream it! I loved the message, the colors, the sound. The song spoke to me and I thought it was a great opportunity to share it with you and tell you about this great free resource. After all, I am a huge fan of vlogging with videos made by others becuase it's fast, easy, and I'm a little camera shy.

Got To Be True To Myself.....

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  No Cost Classified Ads with Video: How I Found Buyers in Record Time
  Have You Ever Seen the Tower of Piza Like This?!
Below is another example of the fastest growing services on the net--the free video hosting sites. In many ways they are creating their own Internet-based "Video Channels". The latest company to do this is YouTube.

I was told about this newest "channel" by a young woman who has had her own TV show in Seattle Washington--since 1995. She has great sense of visuals and no doubt she will soon have an international fan club. After watching her video I will offer advice and feedback that you should also note. See ya after she is, the one and only, Goddess Kring.

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  Publish Your Video in 5 Easy Steps, Or Less
So many people have no idea where to even start to learn about web video. If you are one of these people you are in luck today. I will outline a short action list complete with free resources below.

If you can't wait to get your hands dirty learning about the EASE of web video, then jump to section 5 below.

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  What Does Online Learning with Video Look Like?
....Each seminar includes speakers who are talking directly to you, provide you with workbooks to make your notes and to work on exercises designed to enhance your learning experience. The seminars are SELF-PACED which you may stroll through over a long period of time, OR watch immediately and re-review your favorite sections as often as you like.....

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