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(November 14, 2006)
"Don't wait any longer. Get moving, play with the software, and have fun!"

That's what I told interviewer Jen Blackert after we educated her audience about affordable video solutions. Basically I encouraged Jen not to wait on making videos and that she could even make videos from photos that she shot herself - or that she downloaded from free photo resources.

Did she take my advice last week? YES!

Check out her first viral video made with photos in Windows Movie Maker below.

What Do You Want?

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Here's what she wrote me--
"I made a video with audio and everything! I have had 52 people look at it. Which is a shocker as I haven't told anyone about it. It took me a told of 4 focused hours to get the pictures and song. I love pressing the EASY button :) What fun!

What will YOU create and share with the world!?

That's a wrap! Say it with video!
Nerissa Oden

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  The Secret to All Success. Movies & Video Success Too.
(November 2, 2006)
The love of my life takes part in a TV show that starts tonight. He's radiant, dark haired, handsome and outspoken on how everyone can succeed in life, love, business, and (fill in the blank.) And yes, he does walk his talk. Do you know how he does it?

Listen to what he says on this short video clip--

Click to see video.
Banner image.

If you are interested in learning from other successful happy people then please tune into CNN for Larry King Live tonight (November 2) and November 16th.

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  GOOGLE MARRIES YOUTUBE, Swings with Sony, Universal and CBS
(October 9, 2006)

Google, YouTube Get Musical
"YouTube's deals with Sony BMG and Universal Music will allow the video Web site to make available a variety of music videos. YouTube users also will be able to include certain Sony BMG and Universal Music sound recordings into their uploads."

Google Acquires YouTube for 1.7 Billion
"Google said it would build YouTube as a platform for both amateur and professional content distribution."

(October 9, 2006)
Tons of people have discovered that they can make videos and put them online. Marketers, entrepreneurs, videomakers and even children, all dabble with video these days. So which of the mentioned categories do you think has the best overall video health? And what is "video health"?

First, I'll explain what video health ISN'T--
--the cost of your equipment, nor it's multiple features
--the high quality of your video's picture (resolution/frame/format)
--the amount you spent getting the video made
--keeping your video safe from downloaders

So what IS video health? ....

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(September 26, 2006)
Today I received or stumbled across my first flurry of video messages from nonprofit organizations. I've received a video here and there in the past, but to get THREE in the same day from three different organizations is a record for me. So I wanted to share with you my thoughts about them.

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  Free Video Websites: Their Not Just For Children Anymore
(August 29, 2006)
This just in. A government whistleblower turns to the immediacy of free video sharing by ---

"Video describing serious safety and security problems with the Deepwater Program - specifically the 123 class of patrol boats. This video is factual . I created the video and posted it hoping someone with the right connections sees it and can assist me in fixing the problems. While the DHS IG is currently investigating the issues the US Coast Guard has been stonewalling and not cooperating fully. As such the investigation cannot conclude. My hope is to instill a sense of urgency..."

(August 4,2006)
Video hosts are merely tools. TV, theaters and portable video devices like iPods are also merely tools. A tool has no meaning until someone puts it to use. The tool can be used for good, or harm.

Here's a quick example. Video editing software is merely a movie making tool too but it took the film industry over a decade to figure out that movies didn't have to be edited on an Avid video editing system. That movies could in fact, be edited on ANY video editing system.

Don't let what I call thought stagnation happen to you and the way you trust video hosts. Anyone can use a video host for almost any reason. It's up to you to attach meaning and relevance to each video you watch online.

Just becuase a video "looks like a duck and walks like a duck" does NOT mean it's a duck. Video, just like print, TV and the movies, can carry hidden agendas, and messages. And I'm not saying all intentionally hidden messages are sinister. But I am saying you'll be unknowingly imprinted with these messages unless you are aware of them. What does it take to be aware? Just question every filmmakers intent and the their messages. It's actually pretty enlightening and easy to do.


(July 31, 2006)
What is video editing, really?

It's sitting down at your computer, operating video editing software, and watching the same video (and video pieces) over and over again as you mold that video--any video-- into your vision of life, fantasy, message and yes, even song. You cut, trim, stretch, tweak, jump, punch, drag, drop, split, pull, push, and a whole lot more. Really. A whole lot more. Watch this video that has people excited and screaming "Fantastic editing!!!"

(July 22, 2006)

How do you stop machismo violence toward innocent beings?

Maybe one way is to redirect all those machismo minds in another direction.

(Watch the annual event, "Running of the Nudes" on VIDEO)

You won't find much nudity in this compressed video but it's worth watching just to see another example of how web video can be used (along with pictures and articles) to....sway us. Inform us. Educate us. Enlist us. And make this planet a more peaceful and loving one.

(July 18, 2006)
What did one expect from a runaway concept that Bush would call "the war on terra"? Governments can't defeat a human ideology, or can they? Welcome to the "new world order". India's actions are just one in many unlimited assualts to come on regular people by their governments in the name of protecting those same people.

I seriously doubt this move by India is really a move to fight terrorists. It's more likely a type of blackmail or 'message' to Google and other influential internet information providers. Very possibly even a 'test' put to the people of India.

India's actions remind me of AOL's new actions. AOL is becoming so aggressive in their efforts to "protect" their customers against bad emails that AOL is now blocking every customer--possibly even tens of thousands of customers--from any offending web service provider. That's not protection when combined with AOL's new "pay to play" policy. It's actually more akin to a blackmail business model-- Want to be in business? You gotta pay AOL.


  Feng Shui for Video?
Some friends are offering a free phone conference to talk about how Feng Shui can improve the energy in your environment (read: your video productivity.) It sounds silly, but it’s not. I rearranged my office last month and I'm so busy I hardly have time to write to you anymore. Yep, Feng Shui did it.

My friends aren't going to talk to you about video though. They're going to talk to you about improving your life -- by improving your environment at home, at work, but it can also work on your video productivity, creativity and motivational energy!

I know it sounds bizarre, but go check it out and let me know what you think.

  VIDEO: Hydrofoil Surfing!!!
There's a reason for everything. I was going to share this video immediately after finding it last month but I held off. So glad I held back! That link no longer works to so I found the video again using

Instead of hosting the video myself this time, I'm just going to send you to to download, post with their html or email to friends.

  Searching for Video Podcasts?

"The easiest way to find free video podcasts." - MEFEEDIA.COM

Read what has to say about MeFeedia

  WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association)
Believe it or not many internet marketers have never heard of WOMMA. Yeah, I was surprised to to get the blank stares from even MY marketing friends. CoBrandIt interviews people at WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association)

WOMMA HomePage

  Fox Opens Mobile Network "Mobizzo"
Quoting from article:

Mobizzo offers content for download, including: collections from popular Fox brands, such as "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "Napoleon Dynamite".

"Mobizzo appears to be paving the way for a whole Fox mobile network," says Joyce Schwarz, analyst and emerging media consultant and iMedia contributor. "Now if only some major advertiser would step up to the plate and cut a deal so that all of us who love Fox programming could get Mobizzo ala carte offerings subsidized by a brand. Mobizzo is priced at a going rate but with a little help from someone like FORD they could offer some of the content for the ultimate right price-- FREE.

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